Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Politically incorrect but who cares?

Some random political thoughts probably politically incorrect but who cares, I know I don't.

Ode to Craig
Some one mentioned to me at least Spitzer wasn't tapping his foot in the bathroom.... He was alluding to Senator Craig's fiasco.
Immediately I was inspired and knew some where in all of this had to be a poem. Not saying this is my best work but it is a poem.

Foot tapping in the stall of love I thought I found my boy to be
Unfortunately it was a undercover who had a badge and police ID.
Should of called Clinton or Spitzer for their lil black book of sex
Much easier to explain a prostitute to my wife who's now my ex

OK maybe I will stick to my night job.

Spitzers slogan
In the Cleveland area we have an auto dealership called Spitzer, their slogan is: Welcome To Spitzer - Our World Revolves Around You. Maybe the Emperor's Club VIP slogan should be: Welcome Spitzer - Our Call Girls Revolves Around You.
I think I may be in trouble this time but heck I couldn't resist sending it.

Next up
Whats in your water?
The five-month-long inquiry by the AP National Investigative Team found that while water is screened for drugs by some suppliers, they usually don't tell their customers that they have found medication in it, including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones. (from Yahoo news)
To that I say... thank God our water has mood stabilizers in it, otherwise there would be a whole lot of people freaking out about whats in our water.

This should make you think.
Ahh the Irony
Hillary Clinton says she is very much pro Union. But then she is also for illegals and benefits of all kinds for them that take jobs away from Americans. Maybe she should unify her position by having the illegals start a union. This way the illegals can demand even more rights. Hillary will support their cause and say she stands behind them because she is pro-union. And for once, Hillary wouldn't be lieing.
Follow my thinking? Just read it another ten times and you will.


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