Sunday, July 24, 2011

signs of the times - indonesia

Hey Gang,

I keep saying it, I think the WHOLE WORLD has gone NUTS!

This is part of a chat with my friend Tri in Indonesia.
Very sad.

Carey Masci: is your country doing ok with the economy

tree: NO ... many graduates who are unemployed, rape, abuse of a child, corruption everywhere .

Carey Masci: really that is horrible

tree: So I Must give thanks to GOD is given a job to me ..

Carey Masci: YES

Carey Masci: are you safe Tree

tree: Dad who raped his own child ......... i think that is CRAZY !!!

Carey Masci: what Dad?

tree: I mean a father who rape his daughter

Carey Masci: do you know the father

tree: I just read from newspaper .. and already many such incidents like that

Is this the beginning of the seals that has been prophesied in the Bible being opened? Or have they already been opened?

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