Monday, May 31, 2010

Homosexuals in the military

I am only sending this out to friends who were or are in the military or have spouses that are serving or served. I find it very unsettling that we will be tinkering with the greatest military in existence. When you are a super power why change things? From my civilians viewpoint I find it appalling that homosexuals and lesbians will be serving openly. Its immoral and does nothing for our Christian image. It disgusts me that they will be representing America.
I would like your viewpoint please.

These were the responses I received.

I agree with you Carey, but we are no longer, (until "We The People" wake up), a nation of majority, the minority & special interest rule. John in Maine

Most people in the military now don't care. The only problem will be with housing. Men and women are kept separate for many reasons, and you will see some issues on housing when it is repealed.


I am a live and let live believer, do what you want, but leave me alone.
Whatever lifestyle you choose is your business…………..but…..

A homosexual person in the military can be easily compromised, blackmailed.
National security is at stake here.

Just like during Vietnam , judges were giving chronic law offenders a choice, go to jail or the military to get straightened out.
I say NO! they were not worthy to be in my fox hole, I would not trust them to watch my back when the rubber hit the road.
And I say NO to homosexuals serving also.

PS> and can you believe that some judges are still offering the choice of military service to offenders.!!
The good thing is, the military will be more selective of who they permit to serve.

This is my opinion..... Homosexuality is a world wide thing, not just here in the US. If those who practice that choose that lifestyle they will be judged by the lord and not by me. I can pray for those and hope they will see the wrong in that but I will not judge them. If they choose to join the military, and fulfill their duties as they are supposed to, that is also OK with me as long as they do not perform any acts that will bring disgrace to this country. name withheld
(Ummm the act of sodomy is deplorable. Sodomites serving this country openly is a disgrace. What you do in private or in the private sector is one thing, representing this great nation is another)

Thanks everyone for your feedback, as I said I find it appalling that homosexuals could be representing America. I will lose much respect for our military is this is allowed. God will not defend this nation and I wouldn't be surprised to see military defeats in the near future. What someone does in their privacy or in the private sector is one thing, representing a nation is another.

This is what Huckabee said while campaigning for president and its my thoughts also:

"Let me be very clear - what people do in the privacy of their own lives as adults is their business," Huckabee said. "Don’t want to know; don’t need to know......

By the time Obama's is done he will have had his hand in everything and leave untouched nothing. You wanted change, here it is.
Carey Masci

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