Monday, May 17, 2010

A response from a democrat

My invite to a democratic friend:

Hello, tomorrow in Mentor behind the Civic Center is the National Lake County Tea Party at 3pm. Some will be dressed in period clothes of the 1700's. Call if you want to hook up for it. Should be a fun time. me

My democratic friend's reply, untouched as is:

as I said before Theyvareva bunch of wuacks and I do mot beliebe in them their viees and they need to go back to England where they belong ! They are just beyond redicules if they refuse to live under Our governments laws they need to move tp Englamd and live by the queens ruling REALLY !!!

Enough said, I don't need to go further. This is what we are up against, brainless and clueless with out the mind of Christ. How you reach these people is beyond me.

Carey Masci

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