Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Words

Hey Gang,
This is a gathering of some the latest responses I had of emails I sent out. Thanks as always for your input and feedback!
Carey Masci

More info on the federal mutual fund
This is being pushed by the unions because most union pension plans are under water.
If the unions can manage to get the Feds to raid 401ks and the like and redistribute them, then they can get out of their underfunded pension programs. Most rank and file pension programs are less than 80% funded, which means they are in trouble!
Tiberi is a co-author of the bill.
Basically, if the unions get their way, they are setting up the path for the federal mutual fund raid. Pam M.

Mike P's. solution:
Carey: We hear government bemoan every other day that they (local, state, and federal) don't have any money. Several elected officials have told be that just about any government budget is somewhere between 80% - 85% salary, benefits, and pension. I have and idea!
Make some BIG cuts to the salary, benefits and pension of local, state and federal employees. Enough is enough!
Let's stop funding non-essential functions of government.
Cut recreation departments! Close parks! Close libraries! Privatize schools!
Contract out snow plowing, cutting of grass, and most functions of service departments.
Just a few thoughts.
A response from a democrat
Maybe its not needed as most of you know me quite well but I want to add that the reason I sent that email out "response from a democrat" was not to make fun of, show how ignorant, or to make myself look smarter BUT to show what we are up against. How do we educate these people? This is what the liberal anti-God agenda has made.

Slovak Mom says....
Their grammar and spelling are just as stupid as they are....this is a reflection of the idiocy of the electorate...Is it any wonder that "Barry" was elected? ....This is my greatest fear...."an uninformed, and stupid electorate"....I have similar friends and I would like to just "smack them across the head and tell them to wake up....Rome is burning"!

Brilliant insight from John in Maine
Hi Carey, You reach these people by VOTING their leaders that have the same mentality OUT OF OFFICE!!! Guess your friend doesn't know American history, & with blind eyes, no reason to explain it to him/her.
An explanation on the latest election
Primaries attract the most dedicated people and the higher tax advocates. It would be better to have tax levies only at general elections.
For Life and Liberty,
David Macko
Libertarian Candidate for State Representative,
Ohio House District 17

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Keep up the great work on this blog and in your life. you are a great American and great person. We need people like you to keep fighting the fight.

God bless!