Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Even though it seems that Dubai will sell off ownership of the ports to a US firm from all the pressure raised by congress, I still decided to post what I wrote a week ago. I felt it was important enough to be read.

The Ports March 6
First of all do I like the sale, NO, but read on.
A couple of years ago while at a garage sale I bought a box of Time magazines for a dollar. I was hoping they were from the 90's so I could refresh some of my friends memories of the MANY scandals during the Clinton years. Instead they were from the mid to late 80's. A few really got my attention, and if I can find this one in particular I will give the date and quote from it. It was about Kuwait. A quick summary of the article was how friendly that country was towards the US and how good they treated their citizens. It made sense why we defended them in Desert Storm.
What does this have to do with the ports? Hang on.
Anyways when I first heard about this port deal I went ballistic and good thing I didn't write my thoughts then but after I did some reasoning with myself I calmed down. And it might sound like I am copying others sentiment but I'm not, I thought of this before the news shows started airing their opinions. The truth is that the US is in between Iraq and a hard place. From what I have heard the United Arab Emirates, as is Kuwait, is friendly towards the US. So what should Pres. Bush do? Does he alienate a friendly Arab nation, block the deal and chance them not supporting our effort in Iraq and the region?
You also have to remember something vitally important here, this war IS NOT against Arabs. Likewise WWII was not against Germans. Both wars were against evil ideology, false religion and corrupt leadership. After the war ended in WWII the veil was lifted off the German people and a lot of them were very remorseful for what happened. Same with this war, if we can educate Iraq and set up democracy they will be like Germany or Japan is and one less country harboring terrorists.
I remember when Clinton first took office Rush Limbaugh said "you better get your scrapbooks ready because this will be fun all the garbage that will come out of this presidency you will want to clip from the newspapers and save it". (I hope I worded it correctly and wish I took his advice) Well as you know amongst other blunders it is rumored that Clinton could of had Osama Bin Lauden. If his leadership was more together and they crushed Osama and al-Qaeda would 911 of happened? Would this war against terrorism exist? Its hard to say but if it didn't happen this port deal wouldn't be as big of an issue.
Further more, during the previous administration China was given Most Favored Nation Trade Status and control of Long Beach Naval Base a major port on the west coast in California. Do we really know if the Chinese are spying on us or planning other malicious acts? Why wasn't there as much outcry back then or now about who is keeping an eye on that port? China is a far greater threat than the U.A.E. which has a population a little over 4 million.
I was very surprised though to find out that the US didn't own or control these 6 ports on the east coast. What I would love to know is why and how was a company from England allowed to buy them in the first place? Also, England being our ally why didn't they tip us off of the possible sale so we could purchase the ports back ourselves and why didn't the courts of England block this deal from going through?
This is where President Bush and the Republicans failed. Realizing how Clinton sold that west coast naval base why didn't President Bush or Congress pass a law forbidding the sale of any more bases or ports and any that are currently held in foreign control if they did decide to sell them, they would havet o be sold back to the US? Maybe I am overly simplifying things and there is way more to this but those are questions I need answered. Especially after 911 our ports, bases and boarders should of beeen under lock down.
Right now there is so much confusion with this deal. Republicans, Democrats, and even left wing groups are against it. Even more confusing is there are now contradictory reports that Bill Clinton has been going over there and being paid to coach them on how to successfully get the deal completed, all the while Hillary is over here condemning Pres. Bush for permitting it!
As much as I don't like the port deal (I don't like any deal where a foreign country buys a part ofAmerica) it is still our security forces watching and patrolling it and it is currently foreign owned . And don't you think with our boarders so open and Detroit home to an Arab population of an estimated 300,000 that they don't need this port to attack us if they wanted to?
As far as the Left and Democrats are concerned they are so hypocritical. They have been adamant about shutting down Guantánamo Bay, against this war in Iraq, protesting against anything relating to the war on terror and President Bush but then suddenly an Arab country wants to buy a port and now they are the great protectors!
There is FAR GREATER issues facing this nation. Do you realize that America is close to entirely losing all production of American made cars and that there is foreign owned factories here in America? Did you know that the Indiana Turnpike is about to or was sold to a foreign country - YES the Indiana Turnpike!... a HIGHWAY!! Or what about the systematic removal of ALL signs of religion or God from public places, isn't that a sign of communism? What about the camera's appearing all over on our streets? These are just a few of the MAJOR issues facing America, don't worry about the ports, worry about whats going on inland!
Carey K. Masci

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