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911 and my thoughts

Friends maybe I shouldn't be sending something controversial on the day of 9/11 but here it is anyways.

Up until my trip to NY city in 2007 with my friend Dov I thought two planes flew into the towers end of story. I remember also a month before NY I was in Boston on another trip with Dov and was quite vocal and upset about the protest that was going on about uncovering the truth about 9/11. I thought these people we unAmerican and crazy. And then that trip to NY that made me take a second look and question things.

I am still not 100% convinced either way, was it just the twp planes or was it more than meets the eye? Having met and having personal talks with three people who were at the towers on that fateful day I am still not sure what to believe. Could it be all three are correct from what they experienced?

Those three were George Sleigh who was the last man out of the north tower and believes it was nothing more than planes that took the towers down, Willy Rodriguez who was in the basement where explosions took place before the planes hit and led firefighters up the stairways letting people out, and Harry History real name not known but he showed me photos of building seven before it went down hours later.

Conspiracy? I don't know but this I do know, America has not been the same, our way of life has changed from run away inflation to our freedoms being in jeopardy and radical Islam who was suppose to be behind this is making great gains worldwide.

Makes you really wonder what is going on and why instead of being united as we were right after 9/11 we are more divided than ever. Lets remember this otherwise all those who died - died in vain.
Carey Masci

Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 4:21 AM

Hey Gang,
From the Connie Dictionary:
Careyism"; definition: strange and unique things that only happen to Carey that are so unique they have to be true.
I probably don't have to put a disclaimer any more on my writings but thought I should for the few new ones that have just joined in.

During our trip to NY I was hoping to tour Ground Zero but Dov saw it already and wanted to see the Financial District instead. We got off the subway and were walking towards it when we noticed the Trade Center site was close by so I got lucky and was able to.

While snapping photos I heard this guy jabber jawing to a young girl and her Father. So I eavesdropped not knowing if this guy was legit or just a scamming panhandler. They walked away and he barked loudly, I'M HARRY HISTORY, KNOW YOUR HISTORY DON'T LET IT BE A MYSTERY.

Still not knowing if this guy was a nut I said kind of coldly hey can I see your pictures? This guy Harry History had photo albums, maps, and other papers of the layout of the World Trade Center. He was very friendly and obliged and just started talking away. Do you know how many building there was? I replied 6 or 7. He said then you know, most people think there was only two that fell.

He said he worked for I believe Automark and having credentials to get back into the buildings was able to take pictures. I only talked to him about 15 minutes if that and he was telling me so much and talked so fast it was hard to keep up so I am trying my best to recall everything as accurately as possible.

Harry had photos of the below ground entrance to building seven after the two main towers had been hit and were already falling apart. In the midst of the rubble you can clearly see that a tenant of building sevens door were still in tact and not damaged. I am assuming all the buildings were connected underground like a mall. Harry History went on to say now why did building seven fall 3 and a half hours later, you can see this picture - and did you know all the files from Enron and other valuable documents were in it?

Harry History went on to say that he managed to get on top of one of the other buildings. Again he touted his credentials of being an aerial photographer that's why he was allowed up there. As he was taking pictures an FBI agent was next to him telling him you can take pictures but only in a certain area. Harry directed his camera towards building seven. The FBI agent warned him, took his photo card from his digital camera and chased him away. He managed to hide another filled card in his shirt pocket.

He told me about the Silverstein building that was built where building seven was, it only took 22 months to have it erected. Harry quoted a bible verse and said the last shall be first and the first shall be last.

I asked him how he survived. He showed a picture of his young daughter on the steps of school, it was her first day so he drove her and went to work late. I wish I could remember all he told me but my mind was racing in a million different directions. IF all this wasn't true where did he get the photos, the maps, and all his knowledge, it was uncanny!

I asked him so is this a cover up, our government, Arabs, who did this? He became uneasy and said sternly, that's what I tell people, do the research, find out for yourself. I pressed another time the same question again he became uneasy and repeated That's what I'm telling you, do the research!

It was time to go so I shook his hand, gave him a donation. As I walked away, I heard him shouting loudly I'M HARRY HISTORY, KNOW YOUR HISTORY, DON'T LET IT BE A MYSTERY!

Later in the day at the hotel I talked to Allen on the phone. He said this Wednesday there is a Ron Paul meet-up group and 911 meeting. I said make sure you get details I want to go.

Wednesday arrives and Allen, Chris, Uncle Akky and I head to the Ron Paul meeting, at least that's what I thought it was. It turned out to be nothing associated with Ron Paul but his Meet Up group passed the info on and some attended. The speaker was Willy Rodriguez whom I never heard of before. As we entered this run down old church building off Detroit Ave. in Cleveland there was a buzz of the nights topic, 911. The crowd was small but an interestingly mixed crowd. The speaker was pointed out to me before the event took place. Again I never heard of Willy Rodriguez but thought before his speech I should get a photo of him and ask a few questions.

Willy was more than happy having his picture taken. I still had the photo of Harry History on my digital camera so I asked Willy do you know this man? Willy replied Of course, he is out there everyday telling people what he saw. Willy didn't know Harry real well but enough to know he is out there every day, he worked at the site, and his mind was affected by the events. That gave Harry History some merit.

After I took the picture with Willy, Mike L. who heads the Cleveland area Coast to Coast Group, remarked, you just had your photo taken with one of the premier 911 guys!

Willy Rodriguez took the stage. At first I wasn't sure where he was going with his talk. Then he got into the heart of his speech. There is no way I can remotely write all that he said but I can touch on some of it.

Willy was the janitor who maintained the stairways of one of the World Trade Center Towers. His story is another miracle. He was going to call off work since it was such a beautiful day but his boss talked him into working because there would be no one to clean. As Willy put it, who else would be willing to go up 110 stories and clean every step. So he agreed to come in late. Thank God he did. If Willy would of arrived at his normal time he would of went up to Windows of the World to eat breakfast as he normally did and would of been on one of the top floors when the plane hit. Instead he showed up late and skipped breakfast.

The Towers had 6 floors underground. The janitorial service Willy worked for was on 3 B. When he arrived for work he went directly there. Shortly after there was such a big explosion it lifted him and his coworkers off their feet. It set off the sprinklers. There was smoke and something in the air that was harsh and burning their lungs. They heard screaming, a guy in the next room was yelling EXPLOSION! They ran to him and thought he had red gloves hanging from his hands. It was hard to see but as they got closer they realized it was the guys skin hanging off. Just then another explosion rocked the building. That was the plane flying into the tower.

I could write more but I would only be writing what already has, do a search on line for Willy Rodriguez read his story and tell me what you think. The premise of his speech was not so much as who did this but what has happened to our liberties and freedom since and the cover up concerning the victims who were in the Towers during 911. Everyone should educate themselves on the Home Land Security Bill and the Patriot Act.

After his speech I approached him and asked, I heard everything you said but I need something confirmed, there was an explosion and then the airplane? YES - first the explosion in the sub floors and then from above he replied!!

Now I am not saying I believe everything I hear but what I am marveling at is how all this came together for me. 911 has never been to much a concern of mine, planes flew into the Towers end of story. But now I am looking at this event much closer and starting to ask why and if? All this started from a quickly planned road trip to NY with only a week in advance notice. Then we weren't planning on seeing the WTC site and we do. Follow that up with Willy Rodriguez coming to Cleveland to speak and him knowing Harry History. Then to top it off at the Coast to Coast Group this past Saturday the last speaker was a fellow named Mel who spoke on 911. You just can't plan things like this.

Makes one think, don't it?

*The events in this email took place from Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, 2007

**I like to stress that I just repeated what I was told and heard, not knowing Harry or Willy personally I can't say for certain what they said was the truth. And I myself am not ready to believe fully in the conspiracy theories but it has me really wondering. As Harry History told me DO THE RESEARCH! I challenge you, report back in and tell me what you think.


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THANK YOU for the feedback.

At times I feel like a voice in the wilderness so it is good to get comments and encouragement as you have left.

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