Wednesday, March 13, 2013

They're still trying to figure it out.

MONTHS have passed since the 2012 election and people are still trying to explain why Republicans lost. In fact top Republican leaders are meeting to - DUH - figure out why they lost. Do they really need to figure this out?
What did U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz say about this while at the Cuyahoga Lincoln Day Dinner...
"You want to know what happened last election cycle? We didn't win the argument for the American people. The Democrats' story is the Republicans are the party of the rich, the Democrats are the party of everybody else. And if that's the narrative people believe, we'll never win another national election."
Is Cruz for real? If he is he won't get to far with that analysis. The GOP for years had the label the party of the rich. Reagan changed it by bringing on board Reagan Democrats and the Christian Conservative Right. What changed it back to the party of the rich? Romney. Republicans have been labeled the rich man's party once again because voters look at the nominee or president elect of where the party is headed whether this is right or wrong. If Cruz thinks we could of won the argument with Mitt as our nominee he just doesn't get it. Mitt was the stock market big government establishment picked nominee. While people are looking for work and trying to get by Romney's business past hi-lighted mergers, shut downs, buy outs, and speculation. To the average person he was partly to blame for hardships we are experiencing. Mitt never ran a store or ran a typical business - period.
Locally here in NE Ohio what is the thinking on why the Republicans lost? A couple of Tea Party's are in agreement with another reason why the GOP failed. They believe the reason the Republican's lost the presidential election was due to the fact that they are not attracting the conservative Hispanic and Afro-American voting bloc.
I believe Republicans do not need to attract Afro-Americans or Hispanics or minorities. Going after smaller groups such as minorities, unions, homosexuals to name just a few is the Democratic Party's philosophy. The Democrats need to woo these smaller groups because their message as a whole is anti-American and anti-Constitution. These individual groups that make up the Democratic voting bloc do not care as long as they get what they want.
The GOP's base on the other hand is much wider. Their base is the Christian/Conservative right which encompasses ALL nationalities, ALL races and ALL people of faith. If the Republicans would stay true to their platform it would also spread out to voters who are very conscience of the Constitution and people of wealth because of its limited government stance.
This may be an extreme example and maybe I am wrong for writing it but Lincoln did not go after the African or slave vote they followed him because he did what was right. With Reagan he had a strong message and even though he was a Conservative even Democrats came out to vote for him. The Republicans simply lost because they drifted from their platform and alienated their base.
Furthermore Republicans were beyond hypocritical in their pushing of Romney. The GOP blasted Obama for mandated healthcare, same sex marriage, fees, gun control but where did some of this start? In Massachusetts while Romney was governor. What made them abandon their principles in favor of Romney? They drooled all over themselves when they saw Mitt's wallet and his fund raising capabilities. What did Republicans do with all this money? They used it to convince you that Mitt was a Conservative and the only one who could beat Obama. They could of saved all that money and gathered around Ron Paul who already had ground troops or Santorum who had a strong message. Instead they gave us Obama.
In conclusion IF Republicans expect to win again they need to quit pushing RINOS and act like Republicans if not get out of the way and let a third party in. We do not need two Democratic Party’s, which is what's happening now.

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