Monday, November 16, 2015

My Gun Show Experince and Scott Rupert

What an interesting day on Saturday. I attended my first gun show. Scott Rupert who is circulating petitions for US Senate asked for help in gathering signatures at the Medina Gun show. What a neat experience.

I have been around guns many times before but never as many as at a gun show. The next closest comparison would be in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky where they hold Court Days and people walk around freely with guns to sell or swap. I wasn’t intimidated at all in Medina, just a safe feeling. Where’s Isis?

The response was generally warm. Most everyone in attendance understands what is going on in America and the importance of getting someone in office who is pro-America and Constitution. Some wouldn’t sign the petition saying they didn’t know who Scott Rupert was. The best no was from a man who said he couldn’t sign because Scott is bald, I don’t like bald people. Scott’s mom spoke up and said Hey he shaves his head. The man in turn said Same thing. Weird.

After the Medina show I had dinner with Scott Rupert at the Greek House Grille in Wickliffe. I invited Pastor Melinda and her friend Lisa, Bob, Chris, and Mike. They got to meet Scott and talk openly with him. A great meeting with lots of thoughts and ideas thrown around. All have decided to help with his campaign.

It was a fun, informative, productive day.

If you like to help Scott Rupert get on the 2016 ballot please contact me.

Carey Masci

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