Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter doom the Republicans

I was listening to Matt Drudge on the radio Sunday night. He blasted all Republican candidates and said they don't deserve to win, the next president will be Hillary Clinton even though she doesn't deserve it either.
Matt then went on to list the reasons why each Republican Candidate deserves to lose. Only two really upset me, those two were Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Matt said that Mitt Romney running in a mostly Democrat state for senate and governor had to run to the left but still he has flip flopped. Matt Drudge just about gave Romney a free pass. Is that absurd thinking or what? A man abandons his principles, shows lack of character for not sticking to his values, wins the Governorship and instead of going back to his conservative roots promotes a very liberal lifestyle but now running for president he announces I am back to the right side. Are we suppose to believe him? Did he vote for gay marriage before he voted against it?
A person of strong convictions and character would never compromise his beliefs for anything. When Allen Keyes ran for the senate in Chicago it was the greatest election defeat in Illinois Senate history, he lost big time. BUT he never once abandoned his principles or backtracked on anything! He went to Illinois with a moral agenda and wasn't about to compromise just for victory. That is leadership and someone to look up to.
Are you following what I am saying? A person who switches sides either has changed his mind or does it strictly for personal gain. Which Mitt is the real Mitt?
Then Drudge went on to Mike Huckabee and what did he say? He read the entire article written by Ann Coulter. Why didn't Matt Drudge do his own homework or tell us something new about Huckabee? I'm sure after a 10 year record as governor there has to be more to him than just what Ann wrote about. Surely he could of found something.
As for Ann Coulters article, where she tries to connect dots but uses curved lines to do so, is so off track its silly. You need to read her article again slowly and you will find that it was written very slanted.
She is trying to convince you that a statement by a Governor, a statement, got that, a statement, one more time a statement Mike Huckabee made about a Supreme Court Ruling, not a ruling he made but a Supreme Court ruling is far worse than than that of another Governor running on the far liberal side, making statements and laws that are homosexual friendly, in fact same sex marriage passed in his state. Is that to much? Why doesn't she compare Huckabee's record and or views on abortion, protection of marriage and other family issues to that of Mitt Romney's record? That would be by far a more accurate comparison than one statement he made.
Ann then tries to make an argument that Mike Huckabee is pro-gay marriage by making this absurd statement "How about adults privately smoking cigarettes in their homes? Nope, Huckabee wants a federal law banning smoking but thinks state laws banning sodomy are "probably" unconstitutional". Oh my! She is comparing a sex act to a product. What someone does in their home is their business. Are we suppose to have bed checks? But with cigarettes they are sold in stores which can be accessible to anyone and just by being on the shelves for kids to see is promoting an unhealthy and dangerous product.
Ann let me ask you, sodomy usually refers to a male using a certain part of his anatomy, have you ever went into a store and asked for soft or hard pack? You would get cigarettes not the male... Do you understand what I am getting at, I was trying to add humor to her ridiculousness.
In Mike Huckabee's own words: State governments have no business regulating the private sexual conduct of consenting adults but do have a role in defining marriage,... Striking laws "that prohibited private behavior among adults probably was appropriate because that’s not something that would be easy or even possible to regulate. Not sure that government ought to be regulating that, If, however, advocates asked states to endorse the concept of same-sex unions, "we can say no to that," Huckabee said.
Isn't this a little different than Ann Coulter's closing remarks of "...... I guess Huckabee is one of those pro-sodomy, pro-gay marriage, pro-evolution evangelical Christians. Where does she come up with that? Ann Coulter not only has lost her mind but her credibility.

Carey K. Masci

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