Monday, January 07, 2008

Top 10 reasons why Mike Huckabee should be president
Carey's top 10 reasons why Mike Huckebee should be president.
10. Mike Huckabee's Christmas message was more Christmassy than a Bing Crosby Christmas special

9. Mike Huckabee didn't invent the Internet, didn't vote for the war before he voted against it, didn't march with *Martin Luther King Jr. and he knows what the word IS means.

8. Mike Huckabee doesn't have a bunker mentality

7. Mitt Romney won't be our president

6. Rudy, Barney Franks and the rest of the Liberal Democrats will move to Canada when he passes the Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.

5. Mike Huckabee tells better jokes then Jay Leno

4. Hope Arkansas has a chance to correct her mistake of giving us Bill Clinton

3. Mike Huckabee will reduce the size of government as he reduced the size of his waist

2. Mike Huckabee will nominate a VP who knows how to use a hunting rifle

And the number one reason why Mike Huckabee should be president issssss....

Mike Huckabee will put Hillary Clinton on the first rocket to mars!!!

Gotta Go Go!!
Carey K. Masci


Admin said...

I was unable to find contact information on your website, so I am passing this on to you here. We would like you to post about the Pledge for Huckabee being organized by Huckabee Momentum:

Contact us if you have any questions.

Fraud Examiner said...

Another item to inform because of misinformation about Mike Huckabee:

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen stated on January 13 that he wants Gitmo shut down as stated in an Associated Press story dated January 14. It states in part…”he favors closing the prison here as soon as possible because he believes negative publicity worldwide about treatment of terrorist suspects has been “pretty damaging” to the image of the United States.”….and even though he is the top military officer…”He stressed that a closure decision was not his to make”…because it is in the hands of the President.

I saw the article on as I have interest in this as one of my sons is in the Army National Guard as a Military Policeman and another son looks to be joining the United States Marines any day.

Mike Huckabee is on target in his position; unfortunately, he is receiving flak on it.

Rod Pitzer
Certified Fraud Examiner

Fleeting_Thoughts said...

Huckabee has a simile for everything, he should start using this one, "I never achieved the American Dream like other candidates, like I never stuck in there and finished my masters degree..."

I like the idea of having a President that knows how to cut the fat out of Washington without firing 150,000 people, that is a trained manager and knows how to create a team with specific deadlines and goals, and that understands when it comes to foreign policy how economic sanctions actually work. Romney has made a lot of money, but he wasn't valedictorian of his undergrad class or high honors in his graduate work because of his father's money. He stuck in there and got it done. You can't buy tenacity.