Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is a response I received from my article titled "The Death of the GOP".

Fear not Carey. The Republican Party is just one segment of the main word…..Conservatism. The majority of our country 51% to 49% identify themselves as conservatives.

BUT if you read what I wrote in my article, "The Death of the GOP", the Republican Party has been infiltrated by Neoconservatives. I don't trust those numbers or percentages that indicate people or our elected officials as Conservatives. Would you call McCain a Conservative? Mitt Romney? They call themselves Conservatives, I wouldn't it. We have been fooled. As long as a candidate called themselves a Republican/Conservative we foolishly voted for him or her without checking into their record. I would much rather be a small party with solid principles than a large party that has lost its vision. Face it friends we have been duped. I can't say it enough, we have been duped.
Furthermore, not only am I disillusioned with our politicians but so many other things have me concerned. Our country is in perilous times that can doom this nation if we don't change course NOW!
I want you to think on a couple of things and please correct me if I am wrong. Lets consider the Patriot Act and some of the regulations and or laws closely related to it. IF terrorist threats were so great and IF another attack was imminent why didn't we secure our boarders, implement the national ID card and make passports mandatory to enter Canada and Mexico immediately? Why are they slowly being put into play and why isn't our boarders secure yet? Again I need to stress IF this terrorist threat is so great you don't wait to pass those measures you do it immediately. Then when the terrorist threat is diffused and things are safe again you can slowly rescind some of those restrictive laws placed on us. Follow what I am saying? Its important you understand this because this same kind of skulduggery is evident in this man made fuel crisis we are facing. There is no crisis, our policy's have made this mess. Understand?
The shortest estimate I have heard time wise for oil to run out is in forty years. Even if this is true, which it isn't, that is still a relatively long time to be creating this kind of price increase.
They like to tell you world demand is up. OK maybe it is. But is world demand growing at such a fast rate each day that it can increase the price of oil daily? I don't think so. This plan has been put into play years ago.
We kept hearing about the price of gas would be $4 per gallon for years now. If there was a shortage the price would of steadily or instantly went up. They wouldn't of played this up and down game to condition us where the price went up to $1.50 then slid back down to $1.25 and then back up to $1.80 and back down to $1.50. This game has been played all the way up to our current price of $3.55 per gallon.
Most of this mess is our own fault. We have stopped exploration for new oil, haven't built new refineries in years and applauded people like Al Gore who declared war on the internal combustion engine without first finding a replacement. The dollar is crashing. Right now it takes 1.7 cents to make a penny and close to 10 cents to make a nickle. We have exported jobs at a furious pace. We have allowed untold millions in this county illegally. We have replaced hard work and rewarded people with welfare.
Both parties are to blame.
During the recent primary there was quite a few decent men running on the Republican side. Two made quit a stir. Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. And yet what did the media do? Labeled one as a kook because he believed in the Constitution and the other a religious fanatic for his morals. Now look what this great nation has left to choose from for it's future leader, two morally bankrupt socialists and the other a moderate at best.
Right now I am not sure what the answer is. Recession is eminent and we will be lucky to escape only with a recession. I fear its going to be much worse. In a normal recession you ride out the storm and its the best time to invest. You can also spend yourselves out of recession by encouraging people to go buy that product they have been putting off. But this is different. Inflation and fuel is rising daily. People have had no time to adjust. There is only so much disposable income people have. If our extra money in going for fuel where will the funds come from for other purchases that help to either stabilize job lose or for the job market to grow? People will soon be buying just the essentials.
This fuel pinch is affecting everyone and everything and in area's you may never thought of. Our local governments are going to find it hard to keep within their budget. All the police cars and city vehicles need fuel. As for businesses, they can't keep raising prices that will only lower the value of the dollar further and our incomes aren't climbing as fast. This is very serious. Now the latest talk is oil at $200.00 per barrel that will make people wish for $4.00 per gallon gas.
As all this is going on we continue to wall up our freeways at 1.8 million dollars a mile. One more time, 1.8 million dollars per mile. Sound barriers? It reminds me of when Hitler started walling up the ghetto. Are they trying to contain neighborhoods or do they have other plans in the works they don't want the residents to see? You may think I have lost it but the more I read and see things happen I am not the only one with this cynical thought.
I know this email may seem some what disjointed but these are my concerns and what I see happening. That's what you need to focus on, the content not the structure of the article.
May God help us.


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