Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Liberalism vs. Conservatism

Here is another case of Liberalism vs. Conservatism. In the first case we have once again the Supreme Court over stepping their boundaries by striking down a Louisiana law that states the death penalty can be issued for raping children 12 and under. How did the Supreme Court vote? The five Liberal Judges said NO we can't allow this and the Conservative Judges voted to keep the states laws of death to those less than humans for raping children. Obviously my words. By the Supreme Court ruling as it did it can invalidate other states who have the same law of death to child rapists. Knowing a few people who went through childhood rape this infuriates me. Read it for yourself so you can feel as frustrated as I am.

BUT in Texas the Conservatism heartbeat is still beating proudly. A grand jury with common sense acquitted Joe Horn for shooting and killing two illegal scum-bag criminals with prior convictions for breaking into his neighbors house. If I may speak for so many of us, will say, we understand and congratulate you Mr. Horn for defending and restoring order to your neighborhood. I bet the criminals have put an X on your block to stay away. Money can buy you a lawyer, liberal judges give lean sentences, and many criminals get out of jail early and commit heinous crimes over and over again, people are sick and tired of this. So I declare lets elect Joe Horn Sheriff for all territories contained in the boarders of the US. I bet ya if he wouldn't allow a house to be burglarized he sure wouldn't allow a child rapist to live.
Here read this one also for yourself.

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