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Friends, this is already a long read so won't add to much more, will save my other thoughts for another time. Maybe my method is unorthodox but I am using what means I can afford and to drive home the fact that the people can't be continuously taxed with more and more fees added and with government intruding more and more in our daily life's, whether its local - state - or federal. Please pass this on to all your contacts.

Mayor Cervenik,
Having quite a loyal following of friends and acquaintances who read my writings along with posting in quite a few blogs and websites I thought being a fair person as I am I would give you the oportunity to read this first and for you to comment if you like. I have another part soon to be fnished as a conclusion to all of this.
Carey K. Masci

Hi Friends!
Maybe I shouldn't be writing anymore concerning my rental situation and let sleeping dogs lie, but I can't be for certain they are and things have changed once again and not for the better. Furthermore plenty of you have been repeatedly asking "Well what is going on with Euclid and your rentals?". I have received so much advice and feedback about my situation it is incredible. It made me feel good that that many were concerned or is it because you find yourself in a similar position? Some who wrote or approached me I wasn't even aware they knew. For instance I received a letter in the mail in support of my stance. This is part of that letter: "Mr. Masci, You speak for many of us. landlords are being bilked. ...... It's one thing to enforce housing laws, but it's another thing to hammer the good landlords while the city refuses to enforce the laws against the bad." EXACTLY!
So here is my update. My friend/tenant living at the Crystal residence told me in the beginning of July he is moving. The reason? He wants out of Euclid. After I sent out the initial email about my situation, Euclid immediately issued that bogus violation for debris, leaves, tree limbs. I brought on separate occasions friends with me as witnesses to see how nice the yard looks. I met with my friend/tenant and the councilman a few days after receiving it, even the councilman agreed it had to be a mistake. My tenants words were "Now I am insulted!" Who wouldn't be? The man hired a landscaping service to maintain the place. And who wouldn't be upset with mandatory inside inspections? So this 1000 pound gorilla called Euclid has pounded on his chest to show who's boss and chased out the kind of resident they hope to attract. Someone older who is not a burden, maintains his place, and works.
I don't blame him for wanting out. Taxes and utilities are higher in Cuyahoga County and now the city wants to start snooping around bothering people. When he moved in he said he just wants to be left alone.
As for the window violation, which I was well aware of way before and promised my friend/tenant that as soon as I was financially able they would be replaced. Now for sure the windows will not be replaced by August thirty first which Euclid is demanding, with no tenant as of July twenty six there is also no income.
Concerning the Priday residence my friend/tenant who said he would be out sometime this summer, possibly August has still not started packing. I had to, under threat, report this to Euclid otherwise they wanted their fee of $200 and an inside inspection. What was Euclid's reply when I said he should be out by August? OK, we will stop out to make sure he has left by August first as you told us he would be. Geee there is so many people wanting to move into Euclid I can understand the need for another empty house. Upon my last count there was 12 on Priday and 10 on Crystal. One has sold on Priday so that is down to 11 unless Euclid chases my tenant out before he is actually ready, and Crystal with my tenant leaving is now up to 12. Wouldn't you think that with all those empty houses Euclid would of at least tried to send an apology to the renter in Crystal and try to convince him to stay? I know the councilman said we don't need any more empty
houses in Euclid. But did he call back as promised? Did he meet with my friend/tenant? NOPE!
Back to the friend/tenant in Priday. Someone who has been a dream tenant, someone who has lived in the same house for nine years, someone I can drop in on anytime, there is no way I am going to start pestering the man to set a date when he is leaving as Euclid wants me to. When he leaves, he leaves. He told me he is and thats good enough for me. Again, does Euclid really need another empty house? And if by chance Euclid does decide to snoop at Priday, don't write a violation for the window on the side. I know it needs painting, I just scraped it to bare wood so I can paint it.
What Euclid needs to do is get rid of the broad bush they use to paint everything and instead use a sharpened pencil to pinpoint problem houses, just not landlords. You don't harass or make it impossible for people to invest and bring new life to the city. People are fleeing from this over burdensome government. Its just not because of white flight. My one tenant is black and I would take another fifty like him anytime. Its the big brother government I am fleeing from. Call it a freedom flight. And I know ignornace is no excuse for breaking laws but if Euclid would of been doing their job and informed me of these over intrusive laws I would not of bought my second house in the city. In '93 when I bought the first place no one came over to inspect, no one bothered me but suddenly now they have to.

Mr. Masci,

Please feel free to communicate with your friends, blogs and acquaintances however you see fit, as my commentary is not needed nor will it be given. Please understand that these ramblings, accusations and mis-statements will not influence the enforcement of housing and rental codes in Euclid. You have various legal opportunities to pursue if in fact you feel you are being treated unfairly. The Law and Housing Departments have gone out of their way to accommodate your "special circumstances" but it just never seems to be enough for you. I am confident that if your case was to get that far, the Judge would treat you fairly as well. We are simply requesting that you follow the law and maintain your properties according to the ordinances of the city of Euclid.

I refuse to allow housing stock in Euclid, especially during these times, to be compromised by homeowners, tenants, and landlords who refuse to take care of their properties. That includes you.


Mayor Bill Cervenik

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