Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who should Senator McCain pick as his running mate?

Maybe its a bit late as I am sure Presidential nominee Senator McCain has already chosen his running mate but this is my list of who I like to see and who I hope doesn't get the nod.
The biggest buzz was with Governor Mike Huckabee so I will start with him. Strategically it may be a wise choice for McCain since he totally alienated the Conservative Right. Huckabee brings to the table solid morals and beliefs and his humor and wit will add luster to a drab John McCain. Other than that its not a good fit. Even though Huckabee won the endorsement from the Minuteman his stance on illegals was about as good as McCains which isn't much. As for Governor Huckabee it wouldn't be a wise move for him either. IF he is the future of the Conservative Right, the person to lead this country back to firm ground, as Reagan did, then step back and run again. Distance yourself from the moderate McCain and win the nomination in 2012.
Next from the list of also rans is Governor Mitt Romney. NO! Terrible choice and this could set back the Republican Party for years to come. What Goldwater and Reagan did to bring back true Conservative principles a McCain/Romney ticket will once again label the GOP as the rich white mans party. McCain is a moderate and Romney has about as much moral common sense as the Clintons with his backing of homosexual rights plus he is a multimillionaire with little ties to the common man.
So who would I like to see? Number one on my list which just won't happen and its a real shame is Allan Keyes. There is no garbage on the man other than he is a bulldog who screams about the constitution and returning back this nation to Godly principles which the media uses to label him as an extremist. Every weakness McCain has is overcome by Keyes plus the fact he is an African American broadens the GOP base.
Another person who would be a wise choice for VP is Congressman Duncan Hunter. This man is solid on illegal immigration, gun rights and on defense. Morally he also has it together. As with Keyes he also picks up McCains short comings. What Hunter lacks unfortunately in this celebrity crazed age is charisma and won't stir much enthusiasm. Very unfortunate.
So then who is my pick? Representative Steve King from Iowa. One of the most conservative and controversial members of congress. It would generate much needed enthusiasm to this election and have every talking head liberal out against King which would arouse the Christian Conservatives in supporting a McCain/King ticket. Representative King comes out and tells it like it is whether America wants to hear the truth or not.
In the more main stream picks I would also like to mention two other possible choices, former Representative John Kacich and former Senator George Allen would make fine VP's and eventual Presidential nominees.
It will be interesting to see which way Senator McCain goes, a true conservative to pick up his short comings or a moderate to liberal to appease the middle and Democrats.

C. K. M.

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Ted said...

Despite the Dems and the allied main stream media’s desperation to see Romney as McCain’s Veep, Mitt is clearly out, with (1) Obama doubling down on the class warfare theme (McCain’s 7 houses) and (2) McCain doubling down with ads showing the hypocrisy of Biden attacking Obama in the primaries — Romney did way more than that contra McCain.

This leaves only Govs Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. Pro-abortion Ridge and Dem-Lieberman were never real considerations, despite relentless media goading. Pawlenty’s lackluster TV performances, coupled with Palin pizzazz, the primacy of oil drilling and the ticked off women/Hillary voters, does now portend a McCain/Palin checkmate on the Dems. This is so albeit the Dems and liberal media dare not mention Palin’s name, that is, everyone but…..

And if there’s any question as to Palin being uniquely positioned and able to more than nullify Biden in debate, see the excellent discussion at palinforvp.blogspot.com

Team McCain, well done!!!