Monday, April 06, 2009

Are you aware?

Has anyone read these?

Ohio lost Over 200,000 manufacturing jobs
Ohio’s median household income decreased By 6.6%
Rising energy costs burden Ohio’s families, including a 12.1% rise in home heating costs in 2008 over 2007

Euclid has installed alarm systems in some vacant houses to keep out people hoping to steal lights and other fixtures, drug users and squatters. *The city has hired three new building inspectors, bringing the total to nine, to deal with troubled properties and is getting a $1 million loan from the county to cover the costs of rehabilitation, demolition and lawn care at the foreclosed houses. (When the properties are sold, such direct maintenance costs will be recovered through tax assessments.)

The Euclid mayor, Bill Cervenik, said the city, with a population of 53,000, was losing $750,000 a year in property taxes from the empty houses.


News Herald March 12, 2009
Blighted Urban Areas Need Help, Congressman Brown and Ryan Say
.........Locally it appears Euclid because of its 32% population since 1970 might be the only city eligible to receive funds.....
......It is exactly what cities like Euclid rid ourselves of the damage in our neighborhoods that foreclosures and reductions in population have caused Euclid Mayor Cervenek said.
These are just a few articles my research has led me to.

The irony is this, Euclid has hammered me so bad with 19 bogus violations and come after me because my nephew stayed at my house for 3 months, that I may have to declare bankruptcy or just plain and simple - abandon. Here Mayor Cervenek is trying to figure out what to do and yet Euclids policies are forcing me to possibly lose both properties. And I KNOW I am not alone. Instead of working with me, the house on Crystal Ave. has sat empty since July, no income tax paid on it, no income tax from a tenant and the tenant and/or tenant & family would be supporting local stores, plus the obvious, another house in Euclid that is sitting vacant could be filled. IRONY? I think so.


*The city has hired three new building inspectors, bringing the total to nine. This floored me!!!! They hired more inspectors but are possibly going to lay off what makes a city safe - police officers! Ask anyone would you feel safer with less police officers or more mandatory inspections? I can guarantee if polled everyone would agree a house with bad windows and cracks in the driveway doesn't make anyone feel safer if they are fixed but I am sure they would feel far safer with more police. Is anyone out there????

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