Friday, April 03, 2009

Ron speaks on my behalf

Here's an update for you. NO - no more pleading and no more of the same, not that kind of update. I just want to tell some of you, if you are going to send political emails, complain to me of government, and a host of other wishes and complaints remember I tried. I had very very little backing so it looks like I may declare bankruptcy and or just abandon the house on Crystal. Only one person I know wrote to Euclid on my behalf, and really, yours also, you just don't realize it. Carey will be laying very low for awhile. I said these words many times in the past and each time I come back, I come back a little less. Just very disturbed with whats going on in America. I keep thinking why didn't the people fight back against Hitler? Heck we can't even band together to fight back against a city like Euclid who is forcing me out of my house, now I understand why, people are frightened, feel powerless and/or don't want to get involved.

I asked Ron if I could forward on what he wrote this is his words:

Send it to whoever you want. I'm old fashoned enough to belive that if you say something, you should be willing to take responsibility for what you said. Ron

Forwarded Message: Rental Properties
Rental PropertiesMonday, March 30, 2009 12:23 PM
Dear Ms. Holzheimer:

I have read about the problems Carey M. is going through and agree with him.

If I owned rental property or was a tenant I would be upset about having my privacy violated with mandatory annual inside inspections. If a place looks neglected on the outside that would give probable cause to do a further inspection, and it may be needed, but entering someone's residence routinely is just wrong.

I was also unaware of the added fees Euclid charges such as rental fees and mandatory yearly inspection fees.

Since I used to work in Euclid, I know that you have the highest city income tax rate in the state. My company had difficulty getting people to transfer to the Euclid facility largely because of the high city income tax. The facility was subsequently closed.

A warrant for someone's arrest because he had a family member staying at his house sharing expenses, but did not declare him to be a renter seems excessive.

The above does not make Euclid an attractive place to live or do business. I read in the News Herald that you are trying to put in a Marina to attract business and raise your tax base. May I suggest that more reasonable taxes, fees and housing regulations would do Euclid at least as much good than a marina?

Please give Cory any help you can with his problem.

Yours truly
Ron B.

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