Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First, are you even interested in hearing about this continuing saga of Euclid? If you aren't I won't write further updates. A lot of my writings feed off of your interactions and feedback so you got to let me know.

I told Cindy R. I am so upset by the crap that is going on in Euclid, no backing from friends and political meet-ups I belong to, lack of response from the ACLU and Senator Sherrod Brown and the unwillingness of any newspaper to investigate what is happening that I am done with politics. I even told Cindy I am actually embarrassed to call myself an American. In fact I have been chatting online for over a year with a lady in the Philippines.. We talk about everything and our problems. She said her country is pro-American and her dreams are to visit America one day. I am so taken aback by Euclids rules on mandatory inspections, the hell they are causing my family because I had a nephew staying in my house for 3 months that I couldn't even tell my friend what is going on here in America. We are suppose to be a beacon of light of freedom and yet in a small city like Euclid they can push a person to the brink of financial collapse and dictate what you can do with your house. Where is the freedom in this?
So lets rattle through these.
What am I talking about no backing from friends? I receive plenty of support BUT no backing, to me there is a difference. Daily I receive emails or calls asking of updates and/or how am I doing, a few even called and wanted to know if I needed the bond money. A few even did things that I can't mention, you know who you are, thank you! I am greatly humbled by all of this. But support is not what's needed, backing is. Calls, letters, and emails in my support to Euclid. If you think this is all just about Carey you are wrong. This can and would benefit all of you.
As for the meet-up groups. I attended the Heritage Club last Monday. The theme of the meeting was if there is a candidate or an issue that is important in another county forget about that, lets go there, volunteer and get involved to get the person elected or the bill passed. If a person is out of work, lets spread the word amongst us so we can hire him in our circle. Even if someone's house needs painting, let go there and help him. Whatever the problem is lets be there for one another. I asked if I could close the meeting. I passed around the warrant I received and tried telling them what is going on. The small group of about nine took my email address and said yes we will email you for more info so we can send out a letter in support of you to Euclid. Guess how many contacted me? ONE! Ron, thank you! Jeff told me a lady wrote to him on another matter and said tell your friend good luck with Euclid. What a waste of time that meeting was.
Lets move on to Senator Sherrod Brown. Why would I write to him? Because he is introducing legislation that would give federal aid to communities with vacant and abandoned properties and homes because of major population and job loss. And ready for this part, LOCALLY EUCLID.... MIGHT BE THE ONLY CITY ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE FUNDS. You got that? Here I am doing all I can to keep my tenants, run a business which is basically what rentals are and Euclid is interfering to the point where I may lose the house or houses. How many more empty houses do they need? Maybe Senator Sherrod Brown should look into the policies of Euclid first.
And why the ACLU? I really cringe writing to them but they are suppose to be the champion of freedom, right? Mandatory yearly inside inspections are not only an invasion of ones privacy but where is the probably cause or warrant to do so? Oh I go a warrant alright but only after I said no to them coming inside.
Am I making sense why I am fed up? Understand why I am down? April 15th there is a HUGE protest going on all across America against taxation.. Well guess what? I started my protest last May and it has to do with more than just taxes. It has to do with invading my privacy, it has to do with the added fees and it has to do with what is a person suppose to do if they can't afford such demands? Where are my backers? Understand?


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