Friday, March 20, 2009

Friends save those books - PLEASE!

Hey Gang,

I need a show of hands. How many of you ever got lead poisoning? How many people have you heard of getting lead poisoning? What are the symptoms? Exactly, thats my point. I don't know of anyone except a friend of mine who had traces of lead in his body but that was because of a factory he worked at.
Please pay attention to how they have primed us for this latest scare. They have been screaming about lead in houses from paint. Then they got the lead out of gas. Then it was cosmetics, clothes, this thing that thing. And this evening I saw an article in the newspaper that they want to remove childrens books 1986 and prior because of lead. Immediately my antennae went up. Why, what did it remind me of?
First let me say we all know about the revisionist history that seems to be going on. We all know the liberal/socialist/communist attack on anything American or Godly they want out such as, but not limited to, the pledge of allegiance, prayer in school, holidays, and monuments.
So what did it remind me of? The year - 1933, the place - Germany, the event - book burning, the reason - a cleansing of anything anti-Germany. This is frightening. With all this revisionist history going on, globalism being preached, the push for a one world government and now them wanting to possibly get rid of old children's books is horrifying. Friends I am afraid this is only the first step. Once they gather and destroy children's books its off to the presses with censorship and only what the government wants you to read. Bibles could be next as a state sponsored church could appear. Where did this happen before? Once again Germany. History does repeat itself. Friend don't be duped. Keep those old books, none of us died or got sick from reading these books and neither will your children or grandchildren.

"Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people."
When was this said? Believe it or not in 1821 by a Jewish German poet named Heinrich Heine. Kind of prophetic, huh?

*I read the article in the Lake County News Herald, this was taken off a web news source: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has raised that possibility in urging the nation's libraries to take children's books printed before 1986 off their shelves while the federal agency investigates whether the ink contains unsafe levels of lead.

Did you read that, the key word is possibility, not fact, but a possibility and yet they are urging libraries to take them off the shelves? And just suppose the government says yes these books have lead you need to get rid of them. What happens if we don't get rid of them? This is scary stuff here. FRIENDS, DO NOT BE DUPED!!! Save those books.
We have history to look back on, those before us didn't. We have no reason to be fooled. Just do the research.


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