Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News meant for the headlines but made it to the back pages

News meant for the headlines but made it to the back pages.

Governor Palin rejects 30 percent of funds from the stimulus package, she will accept only money without strings attached.
Way to go Sarah!

Congressman Steven LaTourette upset over stimulus package.
He criticized the fact that members only had 90 minutes to review the 1,071 page bill even though a measure requires 48 hours to review a bill before a vote.
Thats how bad laws are passed and how socialism is quietly making major inroads into America. Most lawmakers aren't even sure what they signed.

Camera, seat-belt proposals blocked
In case you missed it. SENATE REPUBLICANS (not Democrats) blocked plans to allow speed cameras in construction zones and to give police the power to stop motorists for not buckling up.
Thank God some common sense can still be found. Cameras should NOT be allowed in America, on private property is one thing, for the government to have them is scary. And we were about to hand over even more power to the police by allowing them to pull you over for not wearing a seat belt. Since when is it a duty of the police to baby sit? Seat belts should be you right to wear or not to wear.

More communities say no to traffic cameras
Mayor of Canton is giving up plans to install 8 cameras same in Pickerington.
But guess what? Word has it Euclid wants to start installing cameras on Rt 2 and else where. Euclid just doesn't get what it means to be a free American do they?

Lincoln Electric is buying plant in China while reducing jobs in Cleveland.
I understand by going over seas you avoid higher wages and all the taxes and regulations here, BUT, don't the companies understand by sending out jobs who is going to be able to buy their product in the states if no one is working?

Remember on April first to send a tea bag to Washington DC. The address is: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC - 20500. This is a major protest that is going on all across America. We are tired of taxes and the erosion of our freedom, (my note: mandatory inside inspections are one such violation of my rights - no one should have the right to enter my house without a probable cause). Please send the tea bag on April first we want the bags to arrive by April 15th for the tea parties that are being organized across the country.
Clevelands April 15Th protest is being held at Mall C from 4 to 6 PM. Those who like to carpool with me just show up in my drive on that date. Nows your chance to sound off and be a part of history.

And thats a wrap!

I am doing all I can to preserve freedom, what are you doing?

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