Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How many of you actually sat through the whole State of the Union Address?

How many of you actually sat through the whole State of the Union Address? After what I saw during the Arizona Memorial I had a hard time bringing myself to watch the entire address though I did read it.

During the Arizona Memorial a friend had called telling me he was watching it to turn it on. I said I was avoiding it, how bad is it? He said not that bad. So I turned the TV on just in time to see Mr. GQ go up to speak. I am not sure what my friend was watching but I was appalled. Our arrogant President (remember when he called America arrogant?) had his chin in the air and his smirk was almost to the point of a smile. Who cares what words he spoke his mannerisms told a different story, did he forget this wasn't about him? He never once tried to quiet the crowd from applauding him.

So when President Obama and President Hu Jintao of China held their conference I steered clear of it. A friend lambasted me for not watching it as much as I am into politics. Well let me explain it this way... do you really believe a communist? C'mon! And Obama? Yeah right. This scripture came to mind..Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? China is just interested in getting its debt we owe returned to them and manufacturing more products for us, that's it, don't be fooled. When China exonerates the protesters and acknowledges what happened during the Tienanmen Square incident that's when I'll take notice. As for Obama, the list is long of what he has to do to gain my respect.

I remember when Slick Willy use to speak I couldn't help but hear the song by Boy George Chameleon. With Obama I hear the song by the Rolling Stones Harlem Shuffle. For those of you who don't remember the opening lines it goes:

You move it to the left
And you go for yourself
You move it to the right
Yeah if it takes all night

That's what ran through my mind You move it to the left - You move it to the right, but guess what? It's not fooling me. Obama is all left and says he is moving to the right but he isn't. But even if Obama is moderating, his right is still far left and if Conservatives want to pass anything they will have to play on Obama's playground using his rules or the veto will come down. It doesn't sound to me like he is ready to work with the Republicans at all.

Besides that observation most of the State of the Union Address sounded very familiar. So I went back to my article I wrote about last years adress. I wrote it in detail and could of almost just changed a few things and the date and you would of never known. One of the similarities between last years speech and this years is Obama is still proudly supporting the acceptance of homosexuals - whoop de do!, this really helps our nation and brings us all closer together while solving the economic crisis.

Two other things I like to point out. The first, Obama acknowledged the computer and how its changed things. I mentioned this many times how the Internet has damaged many businesses and altered our economy but the left never wanted to admit this, it was all Bush's fault. But in reality I guess we should be blaming EGore, after all he did invent the Internet.

And my last point, last year Obama said in the address that he wanted to open off shore drilling, while this year he wants to end oil subsidies while pushing for the electric car. Soon we won't be blaming big oil for all our problems it will be big electric.

In conclusion I heard a lot of left right left right left right talk.  I think the Rolling Stones should redo The Harlem Shuffle with a new video showing Obama speaking.
After all....
He moves it to the left
And you go for yourself
He moves it to the right
Yeah if it takes all night

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