Friday, February 11, 2011

tax and more tax

Cuyahoga County Treasurer,
    I am challenging and requesting the SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS fee be removed.  I do not recall ANY issue being placed on the ballot to vote for a tax increase for a special assessment purpose.
   I have enclosed a check of $1,605.16.  I have deducted this unusual fee, SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS, that has no explanation from my property tax amount and will consider my property tax bill for the year 2011 paid in full.
                                                   Thank You,
                                                 Carey Masci
That my friends is what I sent to the Cuyahoga County Treasurers Office.  There is no more to give! 
  Let me explain, though maybe there isn't any need to as you are probably well aware and in the same predicament as I am.  But I will continue anyway.  I will use my one house that I own in Euclid as an example.
  In 2003 when I bought this little 2 bedroom house it was valued at about $68,000. Property tax under $1,000 per year.  The house was reappraised in 2009 with my insistence that it is worth $61,500, I was told it was probably worth less.  Property tax for 2011 is now at $1,605 which I saved up and paid in full or so I thought.
BUT WAIT... whats this?  Another fee, a SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS FEE of $138.16!  No matter how hard you try to keep up its impossible.  This special fee from what I have been told is for the street lights. 
Well I say if it is, shut off the street lights! or turn on the lights a hour later and off a hour earlier. or use lower wattage bulbs. or turn off every other street light.  But do not throw another fee at us, a lot of people are barely making basic payments and an economic recovery will NEVER take place as long as you keep taking more and more money from the people..
  This light fee is on top of the trash fee Euclid passed in 2010 of $118.80 per house and the billing for that says pay or this matter will be referred for collection.  But they do allow an easy method of payment, they accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Who cares what interest rate you have or if you are even able to pay your credit card at least you can use it.
 But wait there's more,  the latest... Euclid wants to go back to the ballot box again and plead for more money for the schools.  Won't you help - please we need the money - you don't need to eat - or pay utilities - or fuel your car - its only about $10 per month.
Add up just these three - its $376.96 and that's not counting the HUGE jump of over $600 for the property tax for a small house plus other hidden fee's that bring this total to over a $1,000 per year increase since 2003. 
About a month ago on 1100 AM, the Mike Trivisono Show, the topic once again was about Euclid.  This time for the rise of property tax, the highest either in the area or the state, I forgot which.  And once again my phone rang, Did ya here about Euclid....  A 49% increase for property tax in recent years.  I think its way higher, at least by my figures.  This negative publicity does nothing but hurt Euclid and prolongs the recovery, IF it is even ever able to rebound.
And there was more publicity in an article in the News Herald on February 1, 2011.

Euclid Schools seeking 6.9-mill levy

Vasek said that because the levy will take the place of the district's existing 1.8-mill levy, residents would actually pay just under $10 per month.

"We are keenly aware of the financial realities of the members of this community," Smith said. "And we tried to ask for the smallest amount of revenue as possible."

IF Smith was keenly aware of the financial difficulties of the city they would never seek another tax increase!  The people do not have it to give!  This would be close to another $120 per year!
 As I was writing the above an email came in from Bob.  What beautiful timing.
Message from sender:
cleveland has made the list! bob
Friends the only advice that I can give and I hope you heed is to please do like I do, try to educate as many people as possible to vote every increase down and vote these people out  who are in favor AND challenge and question every fee that comes your way. DO NOT roll over and play dead.  If you do, its lights out, literally, because the economy will collaspe.  The more the government takes from the people the less there is to spend in the private sector where real job growth and economic recovery occurs which in turn brings in more tax revenue.  Its simple economics 101.  
                                      Carey Masci
Just heard on the news 261,000 homes across the nation are in foreclosure, the number is actually much higher but there is a backlog of paperwork.
I need to ask this question one more time to any elected official who may be reading this.  I have posed this question many times with no answer except from one who said raise my tenants rent which is not the answer.  The question is:  The city is broke because the people are broke but you expect broke people to pay more to bail out the city.  Where do you want us to get the money?

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