Monday, November 07, 2011

And Carey is still posting - before you laugh remember this is serious stuff

Hey Gang,

At Shadowbox Live Theater attendees will be cheering on models as they walk down the runway wearing dresses made out of condoms.
Ahhh there is nothing like a girl prepared for a night out.

Shadowbox Theater did make a statement saying costumes made of pre-lubricated condoms will no longer be allowed after one model slipped and slid off the runway and almost broke her neck.

Another travel agency went out of business in Cleveland.  They sold so many one way tickets out of town they lost their customer base.

Speaking of Cleveland, it is so backwards.  They send all the corrupt Italian businessman and politicians to jail and then they pass the casino issue.  Well now how are you going to run the gambling joints?

The protesters are so whacked.  One female was asked her thoughts on corporations.  She said that we need to go back to hunting and gathering.  And I agree, I think we should strip her naked, put her loose in a forest and tell her now go hunt and gather your clothes and food.

The EPA is all for clean fresh air but they won't go near wall street and the protesters because of the foul odor. 

Didn't the communist and socialist try this type of protest back in the 60's?  I thought Progressive as they are now called meant moving forward not looking back.

You want to get the protesters off the street?  Give them gift cards to Walmart and McDonald's. 

The Occupy Wall Street movement some how has raised $300,000.00.  The protesters thought about starting a corporation and investing in Wall Street until they remembered thats what they are protesting.  In fact said one protester were are even against Capitalism so were are not sure what to do with the money. 

This Halloween will be the first one that children as well as adults will be knocking on doors asking for hand outs.

Obama wants to promote organizing children who Trick or Treat.  He said They should be Unionized and they should be taught to ask for an extra piece of candy, thats very American, and being good young Americans should also involve sending the extra candy to the White House, I will know what to do with it, it should be given to kids who don't have a bag to hold their candy or to kids that are to lazy to walk to get their candy, thats the American way. 

This Halloween I will be supporting Michelle Obama's battle against childhood obesity.  Each piece of candy given out will be cut in half and explained to the trick or treaters this is for your own good, I don't want you to get fat. 


                              And that's a wrap before I get rapped.
                                            Carey Masci

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