Tuesday, November 29, 2011

back from a brief hiatus bringing to you news carey style

Cain couldn't remember the women who accused him, Perry couldn't remember the departments he would cut and the rest of us just wish we couldn't remember what we been seeing. I think we are all debated out.

Even though Gingrich was excited for the last debate on foreign affairs and said I look forward to this debate after all I am an expert on affairs.

Jon Huntsman released his secret weapon, his three daughters. Not to be out done Mitt Romney released his, Donny and Marie.

Donny & Marie will do a new rendition of their hit song I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock & roll but it will be revised to Mitts a little bit country and Mitts a little bit rock & roll. Its a perfect song for Romney who talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Speaking of rock & roll Herman Cain admitted the real inspiration behind his 999 plan happened while in college. Cain said he had a financial awakening while listening to the Beatles Revolution Number 9 … number 9.... number 9 …..

The biggest difference I noticed between Obama and the Republican candidates for president is Obama wants to control the size of individuals while he grows the government and Republican's have the opposite stance.

VP Joe Biden was in Euclid recently. I think its the perfect place for him to visit. After all Euclid is a model city of what the Democratic Party can do.

Biden then went to visit the three people in the Occupy Cleveland movement. He said don't give up, if Obama and I lose our job we will be joining you so hold the fort.

I think its wonderful how so many people are camping out in tents these days. Is this part of the go green plan?

That’s why I don't call homeless people homeless people, I call them outdoors men.

Seriously though, does anyone see the irony in whats going on? We have the Occupy Movement camping out in tents protesting Wall Street and Corporations and then we have people camping out in tents to shop at corporations.

If Gander Mt. wanted to make some real money they would set up a pavilion at the Occupy Movement and give lectures on how to camp out urban style, they probable would sell a lot of tents.

Another thought on this, on the front page of the News Herald was a photo with caption of three people, listing their names and telling about how they camped out in front of Best Buy to buy large screen TV’s as Christmas presents. Don't you think their surprise was given away? And wouldn't you be disappointed if you were part of that family and saw that front page and didn't receive one of those Tv's but a gift card instead?

The Penn State scandal is still being talked about, quite sad. Where's Santorum when you need him?

My worker and I had to sign in with security at an office in downtown Cleveland. The black security guard asked if we were brothers? I said nope no relation but you know us whites, we all look the same. He replied Ya know I've heard that before.

And lastly for those of you keeping track of words not to use around Muslims. Here are just two of the many words Pakistan has condemned as anti-Islamic: Athlete's foot and Flatulence.
Well that stinks.

And that's gets you updated and me downgraded.
Carey Masci

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