Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Carey's upcoming decision and the Republican Party

I suppose some of you had to question why no emails from me with all that has happened recently. Well let me tell you it's hard not to weigh in. It has been a writer and news reporter dream with all that has transpired.

I laid low because I wanted to spend time on writing a book that I've started and I've been doing a lot of reflecting. The reflecting is in regards to my political involvement and party affiliation.

What triggered the reflecting? As I combed through the countless emails and articles for the book I am writing I reread some of the comments and emails sent to me, it refreshed my memory. Some were down right cruel and others just baseless. Is this what the Republican/Tea Party movement turned into?

I've said this before that this has gotten to be no longer running on principles or platform but electing Republicans at any cost which I no longer adhere to this thinking. I want more than just seeing Republicans win.

Furthermore about a month back I wrote an article titled Platform or Party asking for YOUR opinion but very few responded. Those who did reply, besides one, aren't even with the Republican Party or have resigned. It was this lack of feedback that has pushed me to into making an important personal/political decision which will be revealed very shortly. Won't say what but it will change my course and possibly close doors on current friendship and open doors to new ones.

The bottom line is this - I no longer feel part of team GOP. This should wake up Republicans to the fact that I am not alone with these feelings. The way I see it is the party is disjointed with in fighting and no direction. The Republicans were so enamored with winning elections and the voters were so completely zeroed in on beating Obama at any cost that in doing so neither group came out ahead and also compromised their beliefs and morals while alienating true patriots and Conservatives. And I am one of those.

Carey Masci

Part 2
Senator Rob Potman of Ohio has revealed he smoked pot. He believes in same sex marriage and is also starting to believe in global warming because he's in a lot of hot water with Conservative voters.

Years ago I wrote this.
Subliminal warfare contacts your mind.
Unknowingly surrounds you and makes you blind

An example of what I mean. The below paragraph was written by the Ohio Republican Chairman Bob Bennet when Portman came out in favor of same sex marriage. This statement showcases the mind games played on voters and the refusal to stand up for the party platform.
Senator Portman's Announcement to Stand With Family
Ohio has the best Senator in the United States, Rob Portman. He is a great leader for our state and will continue to be a strong leader for our Party. He and his wife Jane are also m y friends. I am proud of them for standing together with their family - it is exactly the kind of character I would expect from him.
First of all this reminds me of a few elections back when the hot ticket to success was riding the wave of the Tea Party movement. Quite a few RINO/establishment candidates had on their campaign lit a tea cup with the wording Tea Party Values making one think the candidate is with the Tea Party.
Bennet making the statement STAND WITH FAMILY tricks the mind into thinking of family values which is supposedly one of the stances of the GOP.

Furthermore how committed is Portman to not only his constituents but also his beliefs? If his son came out and said Dad I use drugs. Would Portman then be in favor of legalizing drugs? If his son said Dad I want to marry 2 wife’s. Would Portman be in favor of polygamy?
When ever I strayed from my moral upbringing my parents never once accepted my behavior. They stood firm until I came around. Like wise Portman's son needs help not daddy saying he accepts his sons homosexuality. You can't have a family with same sex couples - period.
Nice spin by Bennet.

IF Republicans would of acted like Republicans would we be in this mess? I don't think so. Obama is just piling on and on what the Republicans could of stopped but didn't. Then again we wouldn't of had Obama if the Republicans would of given us a real choice.

Carey Masci

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