Monday, May 20, 2013

we eat our own - written on dece 19, 2012

I finally gathered some of the comments I received during the last election, these are only some, should of started saving them sooner. These words are from people I know, people I've had personal dealings with, and people who are actively involved in local politics. Their comments are an embarrassment but not so much to myself personally but to the Republican Party, the Tea Party, and to Christian Conservatives. Sure I am angry and disillusioned but the real harm is being done to our cause and our nation. How do you expect to change things for the better when we are fighting amongst ourselves? This past election has divided the Right almost to the point of beyond repair.
Before I go further read a few of these comments. Again this is just a sampling of some of the comments I received and that were posted on various blogs. Please do not read this as poor Carey it is not intended for that purpose whatsoever.
You have gone off the deep end and your emails make no sense, they have become an annoyance.
You desperately need help.
You are VERY confused.
I look for you to start your own cult.
Carey, you're a scum. Please get the hell out of this group.

We wonder how you could twist facts so dramatically to make your points. Wondering if you sleep well??
May the Lord have mercy on you, we don’t think you are this confused intentionally.
I feel sad for you, you are consumed/obsessed with hatred for Romney/Ryan. What a waste of time, to exude all that hatred and all that time to dig up dirt on the lesser of the evils!
Congratulations on your (Obama) candidate winning.
I'm so done with you I have no other choice. You vote for Obama I think your a democrat anyways
You're a real bigot.

I understand my writing style invokes passion for or against but how is this productive? I also understand my writing goes from serious, attack, to far fetched humor but it always ties in with facts, never for the sake of just bashing. To receive such nonsense after the hours of research I put into articles is a real shame. I expect this kind of trash from Democrats or liberals that have no argument.

On top of the name calling this past election I lost many contacts and friendships just for trying to get out facts. Even when I was 100% correct in my assessments and predictions and when I included links of candidates themselves speaking people still simply denied it and in the end I was the boogeyman. Most voters run on pure emotions or take as the gospel truth what the mainstream media says but someone who takes an opposing stance or a stance that makes them feel uncomfortable they can't be correct, just can't be. It has been a battle educating people.

Furthermore I have challenged people continuously and asked if I ever wrote or stood for anything other than what the Republican Party platform is for please point it out. I received nothing in reply other than please take me off your list, requests to stop posting on blogs and removal of posts. And when I was attacked only one person to my knowledge came to my defense or the defense of what I stand for. If I am feeling this much resistance and ill feedback it would be hard to campaign for or promote any of the causes the so called Tea Party and or Republican Party is fighting for, there would be no unity.  So I have many doubts right now as to my position within the Republican Party.

This harsh unintelligent criticism is causing division and only weakens and alienates passionate conservatives fighting for the truth and America. I know I am not alone. There are others who have felt this sting trying to go against the status and stand for what is just. Think about it, are we on the same team and fighting the same fight or are we? Until that question is answered there are plenty of us right now on a political sojourn searching for a home.

Carey Masci
Life is not a popularity contest. Life is standing up for the truth and what you believe in.

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