Sunday, February 09, 2014

What we are up against

I normally don't post such matters on Facebook but I needed to vent and quickly after what I heard on the local news network so I did.

This is what I posted:
Our communist government led by the illegal in chief has once again disregarded the Constitution by recognizing same sex marriage. This is in clear violation of our religious heritage that is protected by the First Amendment which states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. There are millions of Americans who will not and can not recognize or accept homosexual marriage because of their religious beliefs. America has fallen.

I received a reply from a so called socialist friends as she calls herself, this is what she responded with, exactly as she wrote it:

 Blah blah constitution really I'm dick if your carp you put it out here you suck open your homophobic mind

I am still learning and trying my best just to write articles and stay away from back & forths that usually only  lead to nowhere but more angst and in the end usually cheapen or destroy the original intended message but this one begged to be answered.

So I wrote in return:

Because YOU have no belief in God or sound education into the founding of this nation and what the Constitution says I feel deeply saddened by your hardness of heart and truth. A person's argument can be judged on whether that person resorts to defaming or name calling. Please argue sensibly with facts. As for my homophobia as you like to label it, it is actually instilled in me from my upbringing, my education in school which taught the basics of reproduction and my belief in Christ. If that offended you please do some inner soul searching.

This is what we are up against.  Ignorance of not only the basics of this country but more importantly the basics of God and life itself.  Knowing this is it any wonder that people on the left who have refuted the very existence of God to treat us with respect?  Not at all.

  Carey Masci


Dawn Slike said...

All you can do for people such as this, Carey, is pray that his or her heart be opened to the power of the Holy Spirit. Hardheartedness is a product of closed-mindedness, and anger only exacerbates it.

Our goal is to live virtuous lives in order to win Heaven. If we are blessed to influence others in this direction, it is a bonus.

Dawn Slike said...

All we can do, Carey, is pray for such persons, that his or her heart is opened to the power of the Holy Spirit. Hardheartedness is caused by a lot of things, and exacerbated by anger. Let's live virtuous lives so that God will bless us with eternity in His company. If we happen to influence others in this good direction, it is a bonus.

David Macko said...

The federal government should not be allowed to interfere in any way in the institution of marriage since it is not a constitutional function of the fedgov.
If we lived in a free country the function of the state governments would be to uphold all marriage contracts between consenting adults which did not impose any obligations on third parties, including hiring them or renting or selling them property.
The best way to strengthen normal i.e. man/woman marriage is to repeal the income tax and replace the international banksters' federal reserve system with honest money so that women could stay home and have babies and to abolish the government or "public schools" which brainwash children into immoral, anti-Christian, government-worshiping savages.