Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dave Joyce sighting and more

Dave Joyce Sighting It was reported to me that Congressman Dave Joyce was seen at a grill in Concord sitting and dining with liberal Dennis Eckert. Draw your own conclusions.

I attended the City Club candidates debate for congress last week. On stage were incumbent Dave Joyce, candidates Dave Macko and Michael Wager.
I was disappointed as I did not think Macko brought his A game. He is a lot better than his display at the debate. When I mentioned this to someone his reply was it didn't matter if Dave did or not, these people are either D's or R's and won't vote for a third party.

All candidates said at least one thing I could agree with though I wouldn't vote for Wager or Joyce. Wager made some bleeding heart cry of illegals living in the shadows and something needs to be done. Hey - my relatives from Italy didn't live in the shadows, they went through the front door of America and were proud to be here. And then after the debate I confronted Wager about Obamacare, which he is for, and how it is hurting people. His reply was its the Republicans fault and if fully implemented you will love it then walked away. Yeah right, the blame game, its always the other party's fault.

Joyce didn't say to much that moved me and the moderator had to remind him more than once please answer my question. Yawn.

I have just about signed out of ALL newsletters. I do not need any more information on how bad the Democrats are or how evil the Republicans are. I think most of us could never attend another tea party, meet up or read anything political again and have enough information and knowledge to see what is going on and wrong in our country. You have to be blind spiritually not to. Same with almost all nationally known talk shows, very few I listen to. I read or listen to the headlines and figure it out myself if it is right or wrong.

My explanation A false religion is not based on forgiveness by a Saviour but by deeds, and many times those deeds are irrational and cause harm to those who don't abide and that is what we are witnessing with this Muslim scourge bent on unsettling anything peaceful just to propagate their religion.

Thought Could Ebola be the disease that gives Obamacare the boost it needs? Surprised I haven't seen the tie in yet on how we need a government health care system. It still may be coming.

Beware of the Huckster Huckabee.  Mike Huckabee has threatened to leave the GOP over the homosexual issue. Being a former Baptist minister why is this only a threat? He should of immediately said goodby. If he doesn't leave this will lead more people astray as people will think if a man of God stays with the party homosexuality must be OK. Then again he did endorse Mitt. Sadly I was a Huckabee delegate. Then again, lets wait and see if he does the right thing.

Same with the Carson show.
I will not run, maybe I will run Ben Carson.... I do know this if he does run under the Republican banner he will not win the nominee and when he loses this is what will happen... he will endorse the establishment pick and all his followers will follow in line, vote the pre-determined choice and say we came close... next time we will get our man in, as long as we beat the Democrat.

And the beat goes on...

Carey Masci

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