Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update on the Constitution Party of Lake County and the 14th district race

First an update on the Constitution Party. Currently in Lake County it is still a party of one – me, Carey Masci.

To be a recognized political party in the state of Ohio you need three positions filled, those positions are chairman, secretary and treasurer. I am doing all I can to promote this party. It is an easy sell as most people who have dropped out over disgust of the two party system would and want to vote for Constitution Party candidates - the problem is... people don't want to get involved to party build, they want a ready made party.

HOWEVER there is someone in Lake County who is fairly well known that heads a liberty group who is intrigued by the offer I made to him of stepping down and letting him take chairman and I would become vice chair. I have no problem with that as this is not about me but doing what is right for America. This person is currently involved with this coming election so we will talk further after November.

Some have asked and questioned if as Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party would I endorse Dave Macko who is running as a Libertarian. The answer is no, as chairman it would violate the party rules. Besides there are some differences between the Constitution Party and Libertarians and if I would endorse Dave Macko I am in essence saying I agree with the Libertarian platform which I do not. BUT as an individual I believe Dave Macko is the best man running for congress in the 14 district.

Our other options are Wager who is a Democrat. I just do not agree with the Democratic Party on much of anything especially a candidate who is for Obamacare. Then there is incumbent 48% Dave Joyce, a LaTourette puppet, who ran a complete smear campaign against a good man Dave Lynch, a tea party favorite just to win a primary. Why do I say 48% Dave? Because in Conservative grading he scores only a 48% at best and other score cards have him at 45% or lower.

I feel as probably a lot of you do also that I am just treading water trying to educate people. As bad as things are voters are still clinging to the notion that voting for the lesser of two evils is the right thing to do. Using Joyce as an example, I have spoken to people who are not for Joyce, they don't agree with his record but they refuse to vote for a candidate even though he/she is closer to their thinking because they are either a long shot or have no chance of winning so they vote just so the opposition doesn't win. I ask and challenge this type of voter with this question... how can we build momentum to finally have a strong third party candidate or steer the nation back to the right if you keep voting for someone who does not stand for true American principals? We can't.

But does this mean that I am contradicting myself for voting for Dave Macko and voting for the lesser of evils as some have proposed? Not at all. I am in no way voting for the lesser of two evils, I am voting for someone that I have a few differences with. Overall I can not argue with someone who has preached the same message over and over again of downsizing the government, abortion is wrong, securing our borders is a must and repealing Obamacare plus he even utters the forbidden – IMPEACH OBAMA which not many dare say, not even Conservative Republicans.

Just think if all the voters who say a third party is needed actually voted for a candidate that didn't have a D or R by their name. We possibly could already have a third party candidate elected.

So be it, lets all rush to the polls to vote for someone we don't like, vote for the lesser of two evils and then immediately afterwards complain of who we have in office and the condition America is in. After all isn't that the American way? Or is that the two party way?

Carey Masci

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