Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Government on all levels is wrong

We are always so worried about the Federal Government infringing on our rights but equally as bad or more so is our local government.

I attended the vendor meeting for the antique co-op Antiques and Uniques which is soon to open in the old Big Lots building in Wickliffe. The meeting hi-lighted the rules of what you can or can not sell. Some things are a no brainer such as explosives but one item not allowed had all of us stunned. Clothing of any sort new or used can not be sold. I raised my hand and asked what about vintage military jackets from WWII or the Korean War. Nope.

It was explained to be able to sell those items they would need to purchase a permit of $200 and get approval if I heard correctly, from a panel and neighboring stores. Crazy! One of the things people look for at places such as this is gently used clothing or vintage threads whether jackets, hats or even shoes.

Also I have to add... back in the early '90 Wickliffe had an indoor flea market where Gabriel Brothers is. You paid for you space and what ever you made that was for you to declare on your taxes. But now vendors will have a form to fill out. Either this is new or the difference is one was a flea market and this is a co-op unless it was on the books and never enforced.

All I know to me this is senseless intrusion on people who are trying to make extra dollars. Very few make anything substantial doing this. Many are retired and some do it just to make a little extra to help with living expenses.

I am forwarding this to Councilman at Large Matt Jaworski to help shed light on this.

Carey Masci

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Anonymous said...

They are grasping at straws to be in control - Gale