Saturday, December 06, 2014

When will Americans storm the gates of ALL government offices?

When do you think law abiding Americans will say enough and really storm the gates of ALL government offices? I am beyond frustrated with all the little things that are constantly being regulated or outlawed by our government.

Here are two frustrations I had recently.

I've had a nagging cough from congestion for about 3 weeks. I tried a few things but nothing really knocked it out. Well I remember as a child when we got sick and the kids cough medicine didn't work mom would pull out the yicky adult stuff. It struck terror in me but usually relieved my symptoms. I remember it being a clear medicine in a clear bottle with an orangish taste that burned a little when swallowed. I tried finding it at the store with no luck so I did an on-line search and found this:

Q. For years I used terpin hydrate as an expectorant when I had a cough. It worked.
It was sold over the counter and one small bottle would last me the entire cold and flu season.
I would like to buy some before flu season hits this year. Over-the-counter cough remedies on the market today are like water. I drink them and they do NOT work.
Can terpin hydrate still be purchased without a prescription? I?ve never found another cough syrup that works as well.
A. Terpin hydrate was a popular cough medicine from the late 1800s until the mid 1990s. Then the FDA banned it in on the grounds that it had not been proven effective.
As an expectorant, terpin hydrate was supposed to loosen mucus and relieve coughs. It was derived from natural sources such as oil of turpentine or compounds found in oregano, thyme and eucalyptus.
Terpin hydrate is not available in the U.S.

And from another site:

Terpin Hydrate cough syrup has been a favorite cough remedy for over 100 years, but due to legislation that made it no longer feasible to manufacture, the preparation is now available only from our compounding pharmacy.

Upon further investigating I found that DM, dextromethorphan, has been approved but is not that effective. 

 IF what I found on-line is true this sentence says a lot 
 ...terpin hydrate... was derived from natural sources such as oil of turpentine or compounds found in oregano, thyme and eucalyptus. 

Some chemical company had to pay someone off to get terpin hydrate yanked from store shelves.

Frustration two
My tenant called and said her laundry tub was leaking. I went over and found that the drain hose was torn. They probably shoved a screw driver or knife down it to unplug the drain. No problem I will just run over to the Home Depot down the street and buy the hose but not so.

I asked for help in finding the hose. The man replied we no longer carry it, maybe other stores do but we don't. So he gave me a straight PVC pipe with a fitting. I said I am not sure if the laundry tub sits directly over the drain, if it doesn't I will have to move the tub around or come back and buy elbows. I will try your competitor for the hose. He understood.

So off to Lowes I went. I asked for help and the man said well I do have what you need but I don't. He preceded to tell me they no longer sell laundry tub hoses because of government codes, they want you to run PVC pipe.

 I explained about the drain possibly not being aligned directly over the drain in the floor. He then set me up with 3 different fittings, a hose and hose clamps for over $12.00 instead of a pre-made $4.00 hose. And just think if my sink ever gets inspected it would not meet code.

I am baffled. This rubber hose has been on laundry tubs/slop sinks since probably the beginning of indoor plumbing. And I know in my basement I frequently have to unscrew the hose or wiggle it to unclog it. With a straight pipe that will be much more of a hassle.

If that wasn't bad enough the Lowes worker told me one more government story, all brass fittings got a lot more expensive because they can no longer contain ANY lead. He said the amount of lead in the fittings was so minuscule that no way would it get you sick. The lead was added to keep cost down. He showed me one fitting that was $5 it is now $8.

 Please think about this IF and I write IF Home Depot and Lowes is correct we should fear government on all levels. If a government is big enough to micro manage and outlaw a simple rubber hose it can outlaw or regulate anything including your lifestyle and beliefs.

  When will people storm the gates and say - ENOUGH!



Anonymous said...

Cut the hose in two at the puncture, find and fit a short (3" should do)piece of pvc pipe into each end of the cut, hose clamp it and done.

Carey K. Masci said...

Easy enough but should we have to make do with fixes instead of just buying what we need?

David Macko said...

I have no direct evidence but I believe that your sources are correct. Air conditioning for old cars has been made much more expensive by the fedgov b*st*rds.
Vote Libertarian so that you don't have to shoot the xxxxxxx.

Carey K. Masci said...

Additional information on the rubber flexible rubber drain hose used on laundry tubs/slop sinks is indeed no longer available and hasn't been for a while.

I went to a Ace Hardware in Willoughby and was able to purchase the hose. According to the owner his store, Ace Hardware, though it is a chain are independently owned so they still stock items the major chains can't. There is one manufacturer in Ohio left who makes the rubber hose but soon they will cease making it. The owner of the Ace hardware went on to say the reason they did away with the rubber hose is because the government wants closed drains in homes. I tried to make sense what he said as to the reason but it did not register with my reasoning.

In my house and my rentals and I am sure this applies to almost all houses, the purpose for the open drain is because usually the washer machine and water tank are located close by the drain with the floor slanted slightly towards it in case either one fails the water would flow into the drain. How will this be possible with a closed drain?

He told me recently he installed a shower in a basement with the drain hose going into the open drain, that will be outlawed also.

I asked about hot water tanks and he replied “Hot waters tanks saw a HUGE jump a few years ago and and another increase will happen soon”. Ace had water tanks for about $150 those are now over $300. This is due to US imposed energy standards with another increase looming and it will be large. The efficiency standards for a standard residential electric water heater went from .90 to .95 and gas the efficiency requirement went from .59 to .62 a very small improvement considering the high cost to comply.

With property tax and the over burdening regulations of what you can do in your house the question needs to be asked... Do we really own our houses? I don't think so.

When will Americans storm the gates of all government offices and say enough?