Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Clearing Out All Notes From 2014

Friends, I am clearing out all of the notes I jotted down and articles I started in 2014. I accumulated these throughout the year so please remember that as I am just NOW posting what I wrote months and weeks ago. So here they are, random thoughts and notes in no particular order:

Is the US the anti-Christ? I had an epiphany one night at work - Could the US be the anti-Christ? I just heard about the US wanting to put sanctions on Russia that would make it hard for that country to buy or sell their goods. How many countries has the US put sanctions on? Is the US the beast? I know Americans are straying far left in regards to respect and belief in God and religion and placing the government instead as their supplier for their needs. When God supplies there are no conditions when government is the supplier there are many.

Russian Putnam needs to go. He stands in the way of the world banks and a world government. That is why dictators and strong independent leaders are being taken out and democracy is being ushered in. Sure democracy is a good thing when implemented properly and with the right motive. But I am afraid dictators need to go and democracy set up so the people will ultimately get so tired of wars and economic hardship they will stand in line and vote for a one world leader to handle things.

What happened to the Malaysian airliners? I found this so fascinating that a country could lose two airplanes. My immediate thought on hearing about the second Malaysian airplane that was supposedly downed by Russia over the Ukraine was - Could the second airplane actually be the first airplane that went missing? Was this all staged to put pressure on Putin? Why don't we hear about this anymore?

Oil price slide. What is intended to ruin Russia’s economy can also hurt ours. Short term this oil price drop is great for everyone but too much of a drop we could once again see oil sky rocket to levels above 4 bucks per gallon. This same scenario played out in the early 90’s when oil fell. US refineries couldn’t compete and ultimately shut down. Somehow a freeze or a set price needs to put in place. I said for some time that a price of $2.50 per gallon would stabilize things and it is a price most Americans could live with, this up and down plays havoc with everyone’s budget including city budgets.

Oil price slide thought 2. Is this also a way for Obama to stop the completion of the pipe line? Environmental nuts would love it.

One last thought on the oil drop though it is more of a question as I don’t know. I wrote an article a few years back about oil prices going up and the reasons why. One reason was speculators driving the oil price up. Well what happened to the speculators did they suddenly stop bidding and or buying? Maybe the US government and world banks control this commodity more than we think? Does the price really rest on what they say and the speculators are just scape goats and the rest of the reasons are just excuses?

Sometimes quitting is only a door for new beginnings. I have said this for some time regarding events in my life even regarding my involvement with politics. The Republican party has lied, manipulated, waffled on homosexuality, immigration, gave us Agenda 21, Patriot act, SB 193, Nixon, Bush, Bush Jr., McCain, Romney, shall I go on? So quitting the GOP has broadened my outlook in a positive manner by joining with Constitution Party. Stay where you are trying to change the unchangeable or join us and build a party. Time is wasting.

This is what we are up against. I was having a discussion on Facebook about amnesty. This is the reply I received - Leonnah wrote: "Obama cant even get his own people To lock his own front doors. How the hell do you expect Him to close borders??? He's not super man , cut the man some slack . If u ask me he did a hell of a lot more than BUSH did. He really does have a lot of people against him on things. He has a lot of people who make him look bad. Some things are out of his hands.

We really are becoming a nation of suckers and fools.

Tea Party – Christian – Conservatives still don't get it. This is part of an email discussion I had about promoting the Constitution Party and the growth of that party. N wrote: Any headway this party makes will be more support for the evil democrats. BAD news.

In return I wrote: God says stand firm for what is the truth, tell me where is the truth in supporting a Republican Party that now endorses homosexuality? I need a serious answer so I can understand. I constantly challenge and ask Conservatives the above question but never have I received an answer. When I do I will share it.

I was asked by several my feelings on the last election. They are very mixed. I have lost complete faith in the GOP stopping the sodomite agenda, overturning Obamacare, sending back the illegals, getting rid of NAFTA just to name a few issues. Have these GOP victories slowed the advance of communism into this country - maybe a bit.

Don't Complain about Trash Fees that May be Coming to Wickliffe If people think 200.00 a year is high for trash service, see what we pay monthly in Barberton or check alternatives. In Barberton, if it doesn't fit in the can, yard waste and all, it isn't taken. If it is left on the curb-you are cited. Anything that doesn't fit in a can has to have a sticker that is purchased through the city and the cost varies with the size of the item. You guys get quarterly bills and we are charged monthly, and that includes the watershed fee also.
Its sad that people have gotten so use to being taxed and or fees added for basic services that when someone else gets gouged but in a lesser manner we say hey we got it worse so shut up and accept it. Corruption got us to this point and on no level should we succumb quietly. Politicians and the criminal element have driven prices up and bankrupted our nation where the government needs to raise taxes. Yes it is but one reason but it is a very real legit reason.
As for garbage fees in Wickliffe,I say shut down the parks or just let them go to nature and let us enjoy the woods. There are ways to cut expenses. Even the elaborate court houses such as the one built in Willoughby a few years back, why not a simple brick and mortar square building?

Election thoughts, a look at only two races. Dave Macko lost because he tried to do it his way. The average American voter cannot grasp more than a few issues and the majority are still swayed by warm and fuzzy high dollar campaigns. Whether Dave was right or wrong he displayed all his cards and that alienated more than a few. He should have concentrated on a few issues and ran with those. Conspiracy theories again whether right or wrong do not work on the average voter, Dave should have left those aside. On a few stances I had a problem with Dave but on a whole he was THE MAN for the job. We missed it and are sorely hurting not having Macko represent us. Now we are left with the task of hounding Dave Joyce as if suddenly he will listen to the Tea Party movement and turn right. As for me, you can call Joyce’s office to complain I won’t. After all why should he listen, he won the election and will again and again until he decides to retire or we retire him by electing him a new rep.

Kim Laurie lost because of the fickle voter. People complain they want one of us, an average person elected and not a lawyer or career politician but when the time comes they vote contrary of what they've been seeking. Kim Laurie was that candidate. Word on the street was she is not knowledgeable enough and has no experience but again people also complain of career politicians. And as much as people like bogeyman stories and listen to conspiracies and sort of believe them when the time comes to vote they can't separate conspiracies that are true from fabricated lies that sound good because they don't want to face the truth. So hats off to Dan Troy for exploiting this against Kim Laurie that she had no experience and she believes in conspiracies. The fickle voters voted for the career politician not knowing he is the bogeyman and against Kim's conspiracies which were the truth such as regionalism. In the end the voters will find out the hard way.

Why are we surprised by the proposed transgender restrooms and locker rooms? Obama is one of the most effective presidents ever. What he said he would do he has. I am not talking about the Obama the news portrayed but the Obama who attended debates held by such groups as the LGBT. Obama told the LGBT that he would do all he can for them and he is and that includes restrooms and locker rooms open to either sex

Don't shop where? I thought this email I received was interesting If a company wants YOUR Christmas dollars, but they're ashamed of Jesus Christ or ashamed of the Christmas holiday, and won't even mention the word Christmas for fear of offending somebody, THEY WON'T GET MY BUSINESS.
On that persons list of stores to avoid was Victoria's Secret. I never knew that store became the store for Christian Conservatives.


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