Saturday, February 07, 2015

random humor n thoughts

REMEMBER - Its your fault if you are offended by my humor, you are the one reading this, I didn't force you.

Random humor I wrote the last few months or so.

President Obama weighed in on Johnny Manziel's decision to enter rehab.
Obama said If I had a white son he would be just like Johnny.

What does the Pope and Obama have in common? They both think they're God

FDA may lift the ban on homosexuals donating blood. Soon blood banks will ask what blood type are you or do you give fruit juice?

Mitt is now for amnesty and anxious for it so he can rehire the illegals that were maintaining his mansion that he let go during his presidential run.

I got my hands on a riot plan for Ferguson that was not tried. It called for setting up hoops and tossing out basketballs to the crowd.

Short commentaries on issues that people have asked my opinion on.
Global Warming – It's still cold!

Bill Cosby – Being raped by a comedian is not funny.

Now on to more serious issues......
I haven't written one of these in sometime, “The word on the street.” These are random talks I had with people on the street... well not actually but you know what I mean.

Shopping at Marc's an elderly lady overheard me tell Ruth how cheap a marble cleaner/polish is. She then came over and asked what's it for? After explaining it's for counter tops I asked where she was from because of her strong accent. She introduced herself, her name was Rita and from England. I asked if she missed her homeland. She has been in America for years but yes misses England dearly. But Rita quickly added I won't go back, it is very dangerous, I hate those Muslims. What I liked about her right in the middle of the store she spoke up loudly and said what she felt. Then Rita asked me as if I would know, why would they allow that thing to be built down the street (Muslim Center in Richmond Hts). I said I understand Rita I agree with you, America has lost their minds.

Before I walked away Rita told me if you ever see me make sure you tap me on the shoulder and say hi.

A prominent Cleveland businessman who will remain anonymous has a warrant out for him according to his son who is also a successful businessman/realtor. The reason is his work shop which is in a industrial/commercial area of Cleveland had weeds growing throw the drive. He just found the notice for the violation that somehow was misplaced. Since he didn't respond in time a warrant was issued. If this businessman would have been stopped for anything he could have been arrested.

If you would see where his shop is you would be amazed. It was broken into on Christmas eve and this was not the first time. The city is lucky to have his office in that area but instead they complain about weeds growing in his back lot.

This same person who told me about his dad had this to say about Tebow when our talk drifted towards Cleveland sports and football in general. Tebow is solid, a terrific individual not like some of the Browns who can be seen all hours of the night acting like idiots in the casino.

Without mentioning names I knew which players he was referring to. And then you wonder why the Browns fell apart.

Julia my Kenyan friend had this comment about my recent email on “Islam the religion of peace more like pieces.”
And the saddest part Carey is that for most of them that's all they know they have been brain washed from when they were  young. By the time someone (grows up they) believe that committing murder is good and a ticket to paradise. Pieces indeed I can tell you from experience that the presence of Muslims is the absolute absence of peace I don't care what they rattle 

Strongsville is an affluent suburb of Cleveland. According to a person I spoke with who has ties with the Strongsville police, when their police officers retire they retire as millionaires because of their pay and their retirement investments. So unlike Cleveland police who lives are daily on the line and barely make a living.

A Cleveland manufacturer of medical devices has told their workers all the perks and benefits will be discontinued, company picnics, outing and bonuses are gone. The reason is ObamaCare which has added $750,000 in additional costs for healthcare to the company.

Carey, yes we are VERY conservative Christians, believe in the constitution, the Bible, etc..and big zero is the worst thing ever that America has ever done, all those lazy, want it for nothing folks got it. he is a menace and anyone that read his book knew what he was way before the election. My problem is now I cannot follow Republicans anymore, they picked Boehner again, who is kissing big zero's butt constantly, and they (Republicans) never pick a candidate that we can follow, we all knew McCain could not win, it is almost like they don't wish to win. We do follow the tea party.


Annette, The Tea Party moment has come and gone as far as I am concerned. They did good by informing the masses albeit not all of the voting public. The bad is they would not stray from the GOP apron strings. So in essence when you voted Tea Party it was still voting for a Republican candidate who if elected was either hampered by the established from being effective or was pressured so much he/she then became as we call them a RINO. So what is the answer? As you alluded to a third party. But what third party is worthy of our support for the things we stand for? I challenge you to look further into the Constitution Party which I think if you do you will have found a home.

Talk about weird. I called for a 2003 Chevy Astro that was listed online at a Ford dealer. When I inquired about it I was told they decided to use it as their parts truck and service vehicle. What kind of advertising does that show for Ford? It also proves that America does not have a replacement vehicle to fill the void of the Astro and how inept GM was for discontinuing one of the best midsize vans of all time. Countless businesses are still searching for them.

I maintain a limo company and had many talks with the owner. One of the vehicles in their fleet is a Toyota and another is a Chevy Suburban. Some of the customers complain of these vehicles when they arrive to pick them up. The owners response is Lincoln no longer makes a Town Car and/or would you like to pay the price if we stocked our fleet with Mercedes? She is not happy with her vehicle selection either but this is what it has come to in America.

She also can not get over the price of the new Suburbans she just bought - $56,000.00! WOW!

Facebook we all love to use but how I wish we didn't have to. This was my comment on my time line when Facebook omitted my post: The damn Nazi politically correct liberal Godless Muslim lovers omitted my post of an Islamist woman being shot. I am not happy. We can show how many other barbaric or perverted acts but something against Islam is removed. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I over reacting?

Man will believe in something. When you remove anything it creates a vacuum. We removed the God of the bible. In its place is nothing. Filling that nothing is evil rushing in. Should we be surprised with so many things unraveling?

One of the more interesting theories I have ever heard and it may have merit - why didn't I think of this? I enjoyed a conversation with a man at a restaurant. One of those conversations that bounced and bounced from one thing to another. His theories on the pyramids is the Dinosaurs helped build them. He thinks man has the time line all wrong and dinosaurs were around with man and he used them as we do horses. Why not, it could be possible.
Repeating - We could once again see oil sky rocket to levels above 4 bucks per gallon. This same scenario played out in the early 90’s when oil fell. US refineries couldn’t compete and ultimately shut down. I am hoping all my friends are taking this brief economic pause to get finances in order the best they can.



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