Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Carey's Free Book Offer Number 6 & 7

Sorry this offer is not the book I wrote, for that follow the link at the bottom.

I have way to many books to read and little space. I would love to reread some of them but would never get to the rest. In the past I would have either donated the books I read or just simply leave it somewhere for someone to find. Now I have decided to offer these books to you BUT you have to be the first one to respond.
Those who like the book and live local stop by or let me know where to meet you. Out of town, just pay the media rate and I will mail it.

The books I am offering this time are both good reads for different reasons.

Book number 1 is: Stupid White Men by Michael Moore. A friend gave this book to me and I was reluctant to read it. I had an opinion of Moore that was not too favorable from what I heard about him from the conservative media. This friend prodded me into reading it. I am glad I did, one should never have an opinion of someone until they find out for themselves. My conclusion is this - Michael Moore is one big fat stupid confused white man. Since my eyes have been opened concerning the Republican Party Moore does make sense and shed light on the GOP of their dirty deeds. That's the good Moore. The rest of the book is nothing but liberal mindless puke, I now know why I dislike Moore.
It is still a good read and will enlighten you. Be prepared to like and hate Moore all that the same time but I think you will hate him more than like as I do.

Book number 2 is: Paper Lion by George Plimpton 1968
George Plimpton a writer goes undercover and try's out for the football team Detroit Lions. We read so much how the players are off the hook with their partying ways today but this is nothing new. Football back then was a mans game played by men not the prima donna's of today. Drinking, partying, abusing their bodies - men behaving like boys then taking it out on the field. Times have changed and so has the game of football. This is a really good read and will have you rooting for George as he goes through training camp and actually plays in a scrimmage game. This was the golden age of football, never to be seen again.

If you want either one, be the first to respond.
Carey Masci

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