Friday, March 20, 2015

The clamp down tightens a bit more – ANOTHER RULE – ANOTHER REGULATION!

The clamp down tightens a bit more – ANOTHER RULE – ANOTHER REGULATION!
Yesterday I went to Loan Smart in Wickliffe to get a money order. The lady asked if I was a previous customer and in their data base. I said all I want is a money order for $500.00 but yes I am a previous customer. She asked my name and checked the data base. I wasn't in the data base so she asked to see my license and handed me a card to fill out. I said all this for a money order? The other worker said its not us but a new law that was passed, I am sorry.

I started to fill out the card but then quit when I completely read it. I told the lady this is ridiculous, I'll just go to my bank. With that I stormed out.

What was on the card?
Last Name – First Name – MI
Home Phone
SSN - ID# -  DL#
Height - Hair Color - Sex M F
Weight - Eye Color - Date of Birth
Employer – Tel
Nearest Relative
Mothers Maiden Name
Teller - Date Entered

All this for a money order! What has happened to our freedom?

 And you don't believe we are on the eve of... a take over.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry - your bank is next. - Gale

Donna Calvin said...

Years ago we walked out of a Blockbuster movie rental for a similar reason. It wasn't a governmental law, it was their practice. Never rented ONE movie EVER from Blockbuster and now they are long-gone out of business.

Carey K. Masci said...

Donna others have asked the same thing, you sure this isn't a store policy? When I asked the manager said its not them its a new regulation. I will have to stop in again and follow this up to make sure.

Jeff Bedoll said...

Why didn't you just let them run your body across the bar code scanner?

Maybe you need instruction on how to fill out an inquiry.

Last Name – First Name – MI:
In MI (Michigan) people's last name is their first name. So Drew Carey would be Carey Drew in Michigan. So, in Michigan just have people call you by your last name, Carey.

A person you say hello to.

Home Phone:
Just about everyone does.

Formerly a Naval Ship Class Designation number. You may disregard.

Id, Ego, Super Ego: Sigmund Freud
How big is your ID (number scale 1-10)

Disabled List: Hopefully your still able to work.

Height - Hair Color - Sex M F:
Both Male and Females get their hair frosted at varying lengths.

Weight - Eye Color:
Some people put on heavy mascara...some don't. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Date of Birth:
When you bought your over night train ticket.

Employer – Tel:
Some bosses can't keep a secret.

Nearest Relative:
Just check your compass.

Mothers Maiden Name:
Did your mother ever do professional cleaning? Otherwise leave blank.

The best of the best.

Teller - Date Entered:
A very hot man/woman coming to pick him/her up at work and go for a night on the town.

Carey K. Masci said...

I knew Jeff B. would come to the rescue with how to properly fill out the form.

Donna Calvin said...

Carey, I said it was years and years ago that the incident happened at Blockbuster. Blockbuster closed down on Vine Street years ago in Eastlake where it happened. They said then it was STORE POLICY. Who cares if it's STORE POLICY. I'm not giving that kind of info to someone renting me a movie. It's NOTB! - none of their business!