Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Clamp Down Continues

The Clamp Down Continues

We are so worried about trying to get Republicans elected, fighting amongst ourselves over the best path to restore America and yet while we are bickering laws and regulations keep piling up at an alarming rate. Some of you may already be aware of these but I just found out and was very dismayed. What is going on here?

1. Being self employed I quite often receive checks from clients made out to CASH. Friday at Ohio Savings, the bank I use, I was informed that this would be the last time I am able to deposit or cash a check made out to CASH, the check has to have a name. When was this passed? A few months ago was the answer I received.

2. My sister was going to be a day late on her house payment. Her boyfriend not wanting to see her get a late fee went to her bank and was going to deposit a $1,000.00 into her account. The bank would not allow him to make a deposit that large. It didn't matter who he was to her or his credentials

3. The Painesville Antique and Craft Co-Op informed the vendors used infant car seats can not be sold, each seat is dated.

These may seem like minor inconveniences but when you add up all the little things that have been outlawed, regulated, or over taxed recently you realize how our freedom is waning and soon will be a thing of the past.

I wanted to add this comment from Steve M., this is his recent experience:

I went to my bank to withdraw some cash from my account and..........was
asked.... what are you going to use this for.

I said "stuff" and they notated it on the back of my withdrawl form.

I was shocked and later went to another bank to ask about these rules.

The new RULE:  if you withdraw $1000 or more , it will be reported to
the Irs

Big Brother is tracking you.



Anonymous said...

You are right, of course. What's worse to me, is that we have so many such laws, ordinances and regulations that we have no idea what is and isn't legal.

Why do we have so many laws? What is legal? At this point, we must conclude that everything is illegal because ignorance is no excuse for the breaking the law.

Truth be told, this is actually probably illegal somehow.

Rus said...

We will never be totally free nor totally oppressed. We just always have to work toward more freedom - which as Stefan Molyneux has expressed, really means more moral. ( “Freedom is not the goal; morality is the goal.” -- Stefan Molyneux ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hhSsIpjtzY ) Here's an idea for you on the issue of checks made out to Cash - a few years ago I heard of a guy who got lots of small checks for his work, and he told people to simply leave the Pay To line blank. Then he would just pass those checks on AS IF THEY WERE CASH to pay his own bills. If everything works correctly, anyone will eventually be able to put their own name on the checks and get them cashed at a bank. Smart system ay? (if only the rotten banks will cooperate)

Carey K. Masci said...

Interesting comment Rus about the checks and something to consider. I also agree with your other point of morality.

Anonymous said...

The more things they make "illegal," the easier it is for them to arrest innocent citizens they perhaps do not like or are targeting. Probable cause becomes more imminent and general.
The other Gale :)

Anonymous said...

It's all about contract. Read the agreement where you bank. That is what gives them authority. Otherwise, the "laws" would be classified as involuntary servitude y would not be enforced.