Friday, January 22, 2016

mixed bag - humor to serious

You just never know where my mind goes, and neither do I. I jotted this down while eating cereal and tea before bed. Enjoy.

Store shelves are being emptied in North Carolina because of the predicted blizzard conditions forecasted. It’s a good thing that Noah wasn't proclaiming the great flood in modern times; I could only imagine the mad rush to stock up.

The Heritage Club, a local political meet up group, took a tour of a potential new place to hold their meetings. I thought it was perfect for political meetings. The Republicans had Tricky Dick, the Democrats had Slick Willy, and so a place named Sneaky Pete’s fits right in.

I hope this news of Cruz the Canadian finally goes away and he bows out. It’s his fault if this wrecks any chance of stopping the establishment pick to grab the GOP nomination. He should step down now.

Cleveland Browns hired Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. Hue said he was happy to leave the Bengals. He was tired of the heart break of having a winning season just to lose in the first round of the playoffs. He went on to say It’s much easier to get the heart break over in pre-season.

Cleveland Browns management is looking to fire Manziel. Problem is they can’t find him. There are more males running around with blonde wigs then you think.

Rumor has it that in return for Palins endorsement Trumps promises to build a casino at the end of the bridge to nowhere.

OK let’s take a look into this presidential mess we have, a scrambled mess at that.
I said many months ago to keep an eye on Kasich, Hillary won’t be the nominee and more recently six months or so ago I said wait for the Trump surprise. So where are we now?
Kasich is lagging behind but whoa, in New Hampshire he is in second place in the polls.
Hillary is starting to lose steam to Bernie Sanders.
Trump I still haven’t figured out.
IF Sanders is that different and upsets the Dems applecart by making Hillary lose could another candidate be lurking behind to pull the party back into the globalist agenda? Another prediction I wrote was that John Kerry could make a reappearance. Could he be in the shadows? Hillary is looking lost, zero charisma and Ole’ Slick makes Keith Richards look young and healthy.
On the Republican side if Trump is the real deal could he face the assassin’s bullet or will his campaign get sabotaged? He did endorse McCain and Romney which makes him hard to figure out and which could make him more establishment than he lets on.

Now here’s another scenario, suppose Sanders and Trump are for real, could the Dems and Repubs find a middle ground candidate that they and the world banks agree on and have a last minute run?

Right now my crystal ball is cloudy but anything could happen. A vote for Gary Johnson anyone?
Carey Masci

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