Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pre-Iowa Caucus Thoughts

I attended a small Trump rally on Thursday in Mayfield. I was greeted at the door with “I didn’t know you were a Trump supporter”? And my reply was “I don’t know if I am.” I haven’t bashed Trump that I know of but have voiced some concern. I also have written things in favor of him. But I still don’t know. Though I will add more and more every day I am leaning in favor of him.

I wrote months back when Trump announced his run for the presidency to wait for the Trump surprise. What is the Trump surprise? I don’t even know. I was speculating some surprise move or announcement by Trump. But could the Trump surprise be just this – he is genuine and sincerely has America’s best interest at heart? Right now he has run a brilliant campaign. The media can’t nail him down, he speaks from what I can tell no notes, not scripted and is saying all the right things that America has wanted to hear. Trump is amazing. I can sit and listen to him for hours.

So looking at this picture and I really hate to say this but if Trump is for real look out for the assassin. Or if not in a brutal way the establishment with help from the Christian Right will take Trump out at the polls.

What about this scenario. Let’s play suppose. Suppose that the establishment fills the Iowa caucuses but tells their supporters to vote for Cruz over Bush or Kasich. Cruz pulls out a win. This could knock the steam out from Trump” then onto New Hampshire where Kasich is polling quite high. Suppose Trump comes in second. Meanwhile after a few more primaries with Cruz doing well and Trump struggling the establishment then goes after Cruz and knocks him off the ballot with lawsuits for being foreign born. A division is caused and the establishment/world banks get their man in. Why couldn’t this scenario play out?

Or here is another possibility can the establishment latch onto Trump and for their backing make him pick as VP one of their men? This happened to Ronald I will never choose Bush Reagan. Though from what I am seeing of Trump I think this is the least likely scenario.

Trump could be the ticket or at least a path to making America great again. Sound thinking, a return to ethical governing and the people once more embracing Judeo/Christian beliefs could make it all happen.

This year really is turning into I am sick of the elites and establishment parties running things. What we have this election is two viable candidates closer to their party then what the main stream lets on. Trump is far more Republican than the rest of the GOP candidates and Sanders is far more Democratic than the rest on the left, after all the Democratic Party has finally been revealed to be Socialist after many years of denying it.

Hillary, Bush, Kasich, Obama really are from the same mold from supporting wars, banks, lobbyists etc... I said from the get go, if Sanders and Trump grab the nomination expect a handpicked candidate that the Democratic, Republican Party’s and world banks agree on that will run independent.

The world’s eyes are on Iowa. Could Iowa throw a monkey wrench into the works and pick from the lower tiered candidates as they are called? Could a Santorum or Huckabee which won Iowa previously garner their past support and win? Or what about Rand Paul? Iowa still is fairly conservative in their beliefs so either one of these men winning would not surprise me at all. What would stun me is Christy, Kasich, Bush or Rubio winning. They are not at all on my radar screen.
Just one more day and we will know. Pray for America she needs it.

Carey Masci


Anonymous said...

I'll be honest and say, I have no leanings towards any candidate that is being bashed or promoted by mainstream. If they have noticed them at all, then I'm immediately leery of them. Trump isn't even a maybe. He supports gov't healthcare, was a rich kid all his life, uses words to achieve his image, (whatever one he happens to need at the moment) and never does anything that will lose money; thus the presidency fits the bill of a good investment for him. Think about it. Satan will lie with great enthusiasm and authority when needed to achieve his goals. Are his minions any less susceptible? As to Rubio's Jesus Christ statements, I remember Bush told a very convincing testimony of faith for a skull and bones member. Rand Paul is out because he turned on his dad and I have not forgotten. There's really no one I can honestly support at this time. I think we're being played and manipulated by them all for the man behind the curtain. -Gale

Carey K. Masci said...

Gale reminds me what I have forgotten. All good points.