Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Saturdays debate onto New Hampshire

Cruz'ers were you paying attention during Saturdays GOP debate? I did and what caught my attention immediately was Cruz explaining how CNN reported Carson dropped out. Well did you figure it out?

First let’s take a look at what I wrote prior to the Iowa debate on January 31st.

Suppose that the establishment fills the Iowa caucuses but tells their supporters to vote for Cruz over Bush or Kasich. Cruz pulls out a win. This could knock the steam out from Trump.

Could I have been sort of on the right track? I thought the establishment would vote for Cruz to diffuse Trump and eventually get their man nominated. But there was another way to get more votes for Cruz and that was to attack Carson.  If you think about it, almost the same voting block for Cruz is also aligned with Carson. Could the establishment have worked with the media to leak out bad intel so Cruz would defeat Trump? But another question comes to mind, why was it only Cruz’s campaign latched onto this Carson news? So did Cruz fabricate the Carson news or did the establishment? Either way something doesn’t smell right. I really applaud Trump for the gutsy closing statement by reminding us of Cruz stealing Iowa, which he did.

Apart from that what else were my thoughts? It was not Trumps best debate. I believe the establishment media figured out how to quiet Trump. Toss Trump softballs and little in the way to set him off which he always handles brilliantly. Some if this could be Donald’s fault for making a stand against the controversial Megyn Kelly. Maybe the network didn’t want a repeat of that or again did they take some of Trumps thunder away by playing nice to him?

Chris Christy did an excellent job and an even better job of quieting the anchor baby candidate Rubio. I liked that. It showed me a side of the NJ governor I haven’t seen before. Likewise I loved when Trump shoosh’d Bush. Trump definitely must have spoken the truth when he went after the crowd attending the debate who were all donors according to him. I loved it again.

What I really hated was let’s arm this country or that country or blow up North Korea. Blow up this blow up that - neocons at work. After the mess of invading Iraq and then Afghanistan I have reassessed my opinion on military involvement. And it just doesn’t line up with most of the candidates. That’s the difference with the Dems and Repubs. The Dems want us to lower our standard to get in line with the rest of the world. The Repubs want to blow everyone up and make us one world. Is there really a difference? Only in the manner of how we get to a world government that both parties are marching us towards and quickly.

That’s another area I felt Trump scored points when he explained he would get on China and let them handle North Korea. The rest tried to paint Trump as extreme but after that answer ask yourself who should have their hand on the button? But it wasn’t all diplomacy with Trump. I applauded when he said he would use water boarding and worse to get information out of terrorists. Trump gets it. And did you notice how many times the other candidates gave props to Trump or agreed with him?

So my opinion hasn’t really changed much. When Jeb spoke, because I taped the debate, I fast forwarded it every time he spoke, I can’t get behind another Bush in the White House. The Cuban and the American/Canadian/Cuban candidates no opinion as they are not qualified. Kasich made strides in getting more support and then there is the quiet one, Ben Carson. He makes a ton of sense but not forceful enough to be noticed. But if Trump is nominated Carson would be one terrific choice for VP. They definitely could complement each other.

The pick for New Hampshire… I still see Kasich doing well with Trump winning.
Carey Masci

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