Thursday, September 29, 2016

Assessment of the First Debate

OK maybe my assessment of the debate is a bit biased but this is my review after all.

Even before the debate like years before my mind has been made up, never another Clinton. The Clinton’s are elected criminals and one is also a sexual predator. So the sole reason of watching was to gauge how Trump would handle himself. Would he do enough to secure my vote or would he have such a lackluster ill-informed debate he would lose my vote. That was my reason for watching.

 I am no fool and realize these debates are rehearsed but I look at the full picture leaving nothing behind, after all the participants are still human. Mannerisms, expressions, hand gestures, even how one dresses plays a part in my assessment. The minute Hillary walked out she lost even more of my respect. The so un-presidential outfit she wore was in extreme bad taste. For those who love red sorry but when I saw Hillary in that all red whatever it was my immediate thought was the devil and I shouted it out. Who dressed her? Trump looked presidential. Please don’t call me shallow, Trump had a presence Hillary did not.

  Watching their facial expressions was another factor I zoned in on. Hillary had that plastic smile and at times it was ill placed. She looked very politician like and fake. Trump looked intense and all business. His facial expressions bore witness to his mood. No games, this is serious. Appearance and facial expressions, Trump won hands down. Come on, be honest, who would you want confronting and negotiating other world leaders just judging by these factors?

 Moving on from appearance to substance Trump held his own and did quite well. He didn’t stumble, his remarks were quick, and he sounded more than knowledgeable. Clinton was Clinton the politician. No surprises, vague in some areas making excuses in others and turning the tables when she could. I like the quip by Hillary saying Donald didn’t pay income taxes which he quickly replied “Smart”.

  My monthly bookkeeping record book says It is legal to avoid but illegal to evade in regards to paying taxes. Another old statement is a smart business man never shows a profit. Trump was right why pay taxes just so our government can squander more money. Biden says paying taxes is patriotic but Trump gets it.

 The statements from Trump I did not like and I shook my head were the few times he said he agreed with Hillary. I don’t know if I ever agreed with Hillary or Obama. They are that far left.

 Other areas I found irrelevant and where Trump slipped a notch was about the Iraq war and Obama being legal. Who cares what Trump thought as a civilian concerning Iraq? We all had an opinion based on limited knowledge. So if he was right or wrong what does it matter? The birther issue is something he should have stayed away from. I will continue to beat the drum Obama is not eligible because of his place of birth. Why Trump waffled on this is beyond me.

  Near the end Hillary dumped on Trump about his remarks concerning women. I sort of understand why Trump responded the way he did but come on. He could have answered in a far better way and still have taken the high road while maintaining composure. My answer would have been as such – I may have used inappropriate language but my behavior was never inappropriate as your husband’s while in the White House that caused him to be impeached. Short and sweet.

 In conclusion 
 I don’t understand anyone saying Hillary won after she lied more than once, was vague, plastic and had zero answers for things such as 33,000 emails. I honestly feel Trump won. He came across business like and sincere. All the way to the end I thought Trump was fine and he gained more respect from me. All the way until that dreaded last question came, then it all came unraveled, one lousy question.

That question was whether Trump would support a Hillary Clinton presidency.
Donald replied The answer is, if she wins, I will absolutely support her."

If Trump can support her what is he doing running for president? What is all this talk about crooked Hillary? Once more, if Trump can support her what is this all about? Is this just a game? Or was it Trumps way of trying to sound patriotic by saying he would support the president of the United States? I just don’t know.

In case you may have forgot. What was Hillary’s response when asked if she would support a Trump victory?

"I support our democracy and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but I certainly will support the outcome of this election,"

Typical politician. Typical snake answer. Nothing in what she said even hinted at supporting Trump but the outcome which means if she wins or loses she is OK with the results.

God help us.


3 other quick points
Whether I agree or disagree with Johnson is not the case. What is he should have been on that stage. As much as we like to think Trump is an outsider he is still playing to the rules of the two party system.

I am not sure what I am saddened more that a crook such as Hillary is allowed to run or that a large percentage of people will still vote for her.

Lastly what are some of the reasons that I have heard people wanting to vote for Hillary? She is a woman, she is a democrat. These people are shallow and refuse to research. Equally as disturbing are the people who have short term memory and forget all the scandals of the 90’s including having her husband impeached. And yet they want to return her and Bill to the Whitehouse.


Anonymous said...

This is the most pathetic review of the debate. You've proven yourself to be more than an idiot with your senseless, ignorant statements. I hate both Clinton and Trump, but it's more than obvious that Trump could not handle more than the first ten minutes of the debate. "Looked unpresidential" because her outfit was red? Trump's "presence" was weak and pathetic, you saying otherwise proves that you are shallow. Trump's expressions were anything BUT serious--he was emotional, incendiary, and arrogant, very VERY unpresidential. In this regard, Clinton is MUCH more prepared to face other world leaders. World leaders would laugh at Trump (in fact, they already are) and dismiss him before he even had a chance to speak. Trump also stumbled all the god damned time and his "quick" remarks were CHILDISH at best. Do you know who cares about civilian remarks of Trump's past? The American people that care about this election. The ones that see in these remarks (ones based on making baseless assumptions, not limited knowledge) a man not fit for any sort of public office. Obama was born in Hawaii, and if you can't get that through your thick skull you will forever be far too ignorant and biased to have any common sense and can't be trusted to make a reasonable judgment on anything political. Also, your theoretical remark is wrong because Clinton 1 was never fully impeached. There's this thing called acquittal--whether guilty or not you're spreading another lie. If that's your judgment of professional dress, you're a moron. Clinton won the debate, fuck all the candidates, our country is doomed either way, get over it.

Trump is the LEAST business-like man I've ever seen. He fizzled out in 10 minutes, and to say otherwise is fueling rose-tinted glasses with ignorance and stupidity. Because yes, it is just a game for him. A stunt for publicity to see how much he can manipulate and deceive the idiots of America, like yourself.

"A bit biased" bullshit. Your bias is heavily clouding your judgment and forcing you to talk out of your ass.

Carey K. Masci said...

I left the above comment as is and of course it has NO name attached. I love when people blast you but do it under the cozy confines of anonymous