Saturday, May 06, 2017

Obama-care repeal and replace

So is everyone pleased now that Obama-care has been repealed and replaced or on the way of being?
I am not certain as I have not read the details as of yet. However I am just as concerned as when Obama took over health care as I am now. Watching President Trump and the rest of Ryan’s gang gloat makes me uneasy.

The truth is this; the Federal government has NO business toying with your healthcare.
If they did really care they would amp up enforcement of all illegals and ship them out ASAP.
The illegals put an enormous strain on our hospitals mostly by using the emergency room.
And if you want to use a tax to fund healthcare the way to do that is remove all tax from cigarettes and alcohol that pay for billionaire stadiums and instead levy a 20% tax on those products which erode health.
Start with those 2 issues and then kick it back to the states. Even then I don't want my state involved in my healthcare.

This is why I am disappointed with Trump that he just didn’t defund Obama-care and let it die. But I didn’t expect it, hoped for it but never expected it to happen. He never campaigned on getting rid of Obama-care. So Trump is on course of doing what he said he would do, repeal and replace.

Below was written when the first proposed replacement health care plan failed.
Now that a new plan has passed the House is what I wrote still relevant? I think so but you decide.

Consistently throughout the campaign Trump gave two answers for most everything. The ones on the right only heard those things on the right, the ones on the left never bothered to listen to what Trump said leaning towards the left.

For instance, if you think back Trump consistently bashed Romney while on the campaign trail. But Trump’s bashing was never that I am aware of about Romney’s policy, it was about his failed and miserable campaign that he ran.

So does Trump really feel the replacement for Obama-care was the best plan? Probably, after all he did endorse Romney the real architect of Obama-care, because the replacement is more tweaking rather than what it is called, a replacement.

Either way it appears our federal government is entrenched in our healthcare. A tax never goes away and neither does a federal program no matter how temporary it is supposed to be.

Carey Masci

Something else to think about.
Another reason for our mess with health insurance is - JOBS!, good jobs, jobs with benefits that are getting harder to find.
You can thank the overly strong tactics of Unions that overpriced jobs and also the globalist agenda of NAFTA and other horrible trade deals that put Americans at a disadvantage.
On top of that compounding the problem is the countless number of people who have decided to be self employed because they couldn't find work. Many of these people cannot afford insurance.
What a mess we created in America. Sad.


Anonymous said...

Remember when universal healthcare was a visiting physician? Not the best, I admit, but better than gov't healthcare by far! ~Gale

Anonymous said...

Repeal, do not replace. Let the free market work, get employers out of it, get the government out of it.

David Macko said...

The Constitution does not authorize the federal government to manage, control or pay for anyone's health care,except for military personnel. For state governments to do so would also lead to total control of everyone by government, which has always led to slavery or death. Lets end all government control except responsibility for errors under the common law and be free again.

Anonymous said...

the end is near

Anonymous said...

the end is near