Wednesday, November 18, 2009

chilling speech reversal, something you need to hear

Sorry the first one I sent had a bad link on the speech reversal site
Friends Let me set this clip up for you so you don't think this is hogwash, its about speech reversal. The first time I heard of it was on a Coast to Coast show. A lot of times when you play back someone's words in reverse one of two things could occur, it could confirm what was just said or contradict what was just said and speak the truth. This has happened many times. In this clip listen carefully to President Obama. Its quite chilling and I don't believe is doctored.
For more info on speech reversal go to this site:
There are many more like it, just do the research.

Be wary of this man. I have said it all along.

ps: Also listen to Rachel Madcow, she is incredibly ignorant and is laughing at things she has no clue about. Sad.

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