Friday, November 20, 2009

prayer request, censorship and the liberal take over of another newspaper

I received the email below from Dawn Slike who feels that her article placed in the section Another Viewpoint in the Lake County News Herald led to the dismissal of Curt Olson the primary editor. Dawn I agree with you, I believe it is for that reason.
I won't and can't mention names but a part time writer for the News Herald told me of another writer leaving because the paper became to liberal and it was hard to do his job fairly.
I had an issue with the News Herald back in 2008 when they refused to publish my Letter to the Editor stating if they did they would have to give equal time to the other side. I always thought in those sections of the paper it was an open forum free from censorship. It would be different if they came and interviewed me maybe then they would have to give equal time. But if someone writes in freely with no coercion or pay and no one from the opposite sides does should a newspaper refuse to print their story?
And more recently concerning my battle with Euclid I most of sent at least 40 letters and emails combined with not one making it to print or the News Herald sending a reporter to investigate my story. Now I am beginning to understand what Curt was up against.
Please keep Curt in your prayers as Dawn requests and also our nation because more and more our freedom of speech is being eroded to nothing.

From Dawn Slike

Dear Friends and Allies,

On behalf of Curt Olson and his family, wife Lynette, two young children and an elderly family member residing with them, I am asking you all for prayers.

Mr. Olson has been fired from The News-Herald, on October 19. He had been in the paper's employ since 1996, and had in recent years served as the paper's editorial page primary editor.

This dismissal occurred exactly five days after the publication (Oct. 14) of my Another Viewpoint, which challenged Family Planning Association of NE Ohio to become a full time prenatal clinic and also exposed them as abortion-pushing "counselors" based on personal testimonies from their former clients. Two days after the publication of this commentary, FPANEO closed on Friday and Saturday, directing people to return for "services" on Monday. It is rare for FPANEO to close on normal business days.

I do not know if there is a connection between my commentary and Mr. Olson's release from the newspaper's staff. I do know I personally find it suspicious.

Mr. Olson will need employment to support his family, so we are calling for prayers that:
Suitable, sufficient God-honoring (truth respecting) employment comes to him
The family is well supported by their community in the interim
The family stays hopeful and prayerful while God moves forward in their lives
God bless you all. God bless every one of us.

- Dawn

If you wish to send a note of support to Mr. Olson, send me an email and I will forward it to him.

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