Sunday, November 08, 2009

this past election..... personal attack on my character

This past election while some on the right were praising it, I myself was lamenting as I saw only a few sparkles of gold amongst a pan of rubble. Not good.
I don't even hold office but I was ruthlessly blasted by someone running for Euclid council. I even tried helping this candidates campaign and introduced my friend to him which he also spoke ill of. Politics as usual. But it doesn't have to be this way.
Whether you agree with me or not, I rarely or never needlessly attack a persons character. I always write about how things happen, use a persons own words, or write about issues. Even in my battle with Euclid I never spoke ill of the mayor it was about policies. For this candidate to attack my friend who is very knowledgeable and a very decent person is a shame. It shows a complete lack of substance when you resort to name calling, talking bad or making personal attacks on someone.
In the end though my friend and I were vindicated as this candidate lost badly and only garnered 200 votes. Hope he learns his lesson.

ps: A note to my friend,
DON'T GIVE UP! Think of the struggles I have been through in the last year and a half plus, I was even arrested. Get mad, get depressed, hide for a while BUT don't ever give up, thats what the enemy wants you to do. You are a very knowledgeable good person with a lot to offer. I am more than thankful our paths have crossed. Just don't give up!

It is not my job to point fingers or get into a he said and he said situation.From what I understand xxxxx did not say kind things about either you or I . This man is being lead down a wrong path. I do wish him the best ,but I wish that he would wise up and start to use his brain more for himself.I do know that If I run into him or his friend I shall straighten them out for the record. Now you can see why I am leaving politics for a bit.
See you soon my friend;

"Mrs M. i would like to let you know that XXXX XXXXXX of Euclid did not have many kind things to say about Carey or myself very recently . I heard this through a friend of mine. Now you can see how divided Euclid is politically. This is why I am taking a break from politics for a bit"

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