Monday, December 07, 2009

A Careyism - photos of the dead mall, Euclid Square

Hey Gang,
I don't know what else to call it a Careyism, a coincidence but these things always always
happen to me. Maybe I should play the lottery.
Yesterday my niece Crystal sent me a You Tube clip titled Euclid Square Mall (the dead
mall). I sent it
to some of you. The clip is very eery. A mall that was so alive filled with
shoppers, so vibrant with trend setting shops, elegant fountains, mall shows and now is
mostly abandoned with the surrounding stores also boarded up.
Well Friday I was looking for an auction to attend to pick up some gifts for the holidays.
The auction I had in mind was Hamilton's of Ashtabula because they sell newer merchandise
from buyouts of stores. I did an online search and the first listing that came up for
Hamilton's was an auction being held right here in Euclid at, yes you guessed it,
Euclid Square Mall.
I brought along my camera in hopes that I could snap some photos. I am glad I did.
The mall is virtually shut down. Dillards outlet that once was Dillards and before that was
Higbees, an upscale department store exclusive to Cleveland till the
late 80's
('s) was one of two anchor stores for Euclid Square
Mall, is still in business along with eleven churches. Thats it besides the auction that
opened six months ago.
Such a strange feeling to be inside a place that I use to hang out as a teenager now
all desolate and quiet. Maybe the 11 churches can start a revival.
Gotta GoGo!

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