Monday, December 21, 2009

More on health care

Funding for health care
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated in its study last week that the House health care bill would bring in $167 billion over 10 years in penalties from those who don't get coverage. fox news
Ahhh its the old tax and fine scheme. Tax the legitimate, fine those who can't afford it and give to those who either don't belong here or don't work.

Democrats on Wednesday, supporting $460 billion in Medicare cuts to help pay for landmarkhealth care legislation.
More shell game tactics if you ask me.

Some things to ponder.
I said some of this before.... This bill is suppose to help those who don't have health insurance. But if people can't afford health insurance, even if its reasonable, they will be fined for not getting it. I still don't understand the thinking here. Where do you want us to get the money??

Abortion will be covered under the plan. How do you feel that your money will be spent on getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy? And answer this: How is an abortion part of health care? Only in extremely rare cases today does the mother stand the chance of losing her life that the need to abort arises. So how is this health care?

This plan will cover anyone with a preexisting condition but you have to wait 6 months. OK two things here. One is in some cases you can't wait, waiting can cost your life. And two if its not life threatening and you can wait the six months many people will refuse to carry health insurance and pay the yearly fine which may be cheaper, then when they get sick quickly get coverage. This will bankrupt the insurance companies and raise cost even more.

Dumb NJ Doctor
I was listening to a NJ radio station. The topic health care. A doctor called in and was very against the Obama plan and said she tried her best to convince her fellow doctors not to vote for Obama. The host asked do you think the Democrats made a mistake by not rallying around Hillary to get her elected? The doctor said absolutely, Hillary and her plan would of been much better.
What a BUFFOON! I am so glad she is not my doctor. Where do you think most of these ideas came from? Mandatory? Fines? Coverage for everyone? Hillary! Do the research.

Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hillary Clinton each received six or seven-figure campaign contributions from the insurance industry. Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights

A question to my Democratic friends.
Dear Democratic friend, I didn't vote for this bunch of Socialists and because you did, do you have a $1,000.00+ to pay my fine and keep me out of jail for not buying healthcare? And wait, its coming, I can almost guarantee that in this bill if you don't get health insurance and don't pay the fine you won't be able to renew your drivers license. So if you can't pay my fine can you at least drive me around until I do?
Merry Christmas!

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