Friday, December 04, 2009

Healthcare revisited

I am resending sections of my article of when I attended the Health Care Forum and also of my Canadian cousin's letter to me. Its important that I tie the two together. Health care and the internet are two businesses that are still profitable and successful and supplying excellent service. Soon this could change as our government wants to take control of both and it will leave us with inferior services and escalated costs.

Here are the paragraphs of importance concerning health care:

I was not at all pleased with the rhetoric or demeanor from Regional Representative Max. Instead of giving real answers he used the term straw argument a few times,*attacked profits as one of the reasons for spiraling health care costs, and blamed capitalism.
He went on to say it was **people like me who don’t carry health insurance and use the emergency room as primary care.

When I confronted R. Rep. Max afterwards I asked him again about the fine and or jail time, he replied no jail time but there would be some incentive to make you get it.

Points of importance from my Canadian cousin:
.... as well as the fact that our doctors are paid substantially less than doctors in the USA because of our universal healthcare plan, it has caused a *mass exodus of our best doctors....most leaving for greener pastures in the USA.
This has been very bad for us, **as many of us now have to go to clinics or hospital emergency rooms to be seen for whatever ails us....often sitting and waiting for several hours. It also means that at any given appointment, we never know which doctor will be treating us....there may be up to 6 or 7 GP's in a clinic each working different days and times so you never know who you are going to get. Not very comforting for patients.

added notes:
*No one will argue about the cost of health care but do you want to get into a bidding war for the lowest price when it concerns your life? Unless you are in health care and understand the cost of tuition, insurance, licenses and the stress and burnout it may seem extravagant. There has to be a reason why people of great wealth and importance come to the US for health care. Could it be because we do have the best system? If the government does interfere and control cost less will be encouraged to become doctors and our standards and quality will decrease. IF they really want to control cost then they have to look at tort reform.

**It's amazing that Regional Rep. Max Blachman tried to blame me and people like me for the high cost of health care and yet the Democratic/Obama plan will not ease the situation of people using the emergency room as primary care but the exact opposite will occur, sending MORE people there.

Something else I still don't understand and never will. This proposal is suppose to help those who can't afford health care and insurance. The Democratic/Obama plan calls for mandatory insurance with heavy fines if you don't carry it. There are many in that gray where they make to much for government help but not enough to afford health insurance. If someone can't afford insurance how are they going to pay the heavy fines? Does this make sense? How is this helping?

If you would like to voice your opinion to Regional Representative Max Blachman he can be reached at

Or you can contact Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown at 1-888-896-6446 or

If something is working and the government gets involved it will break it, and if it is broken already, the government will only make it worse. CKM

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