Monday, November 04, 2013

Carey's decision

  In May I mentioned a decision I made concerning my involvement with the Republican Party.  I never did a follow email informing what it was.  Though most of you may find this anticlimactic because I’ve been quietly promoting my new position and you already know.  While others I’ve tried in vain to reach out but they haven’t respond back.  I assume it is still blowback to my opposition to the last Republican presidential nominee. 
  To those who don’t know the climate is now right to reveal my decision with all the infighting in the Republican Party.  The GOP has made it known the Tea Party faction is too extreme and not part of the “Their” agenda or “Their” party. Just some examples over the last few months Senator John McCain said he may vote for Hillary if Rand Paul got the nomination and the Tea Party is limiting what the Republican Party can accomplish in Congress.  House Speaker Boehner and House Leader Cantor came out against Representative Steve King for his comments about illegal’s and drug running.  More recently most establishment Republicans including Speaker Gingrich have distanced themselves or talked unfavorably of Senator Ted Cruz. 

  There is also another reason for this decision besides what I have mentioned already that is equally as important, it is the fact that both major parties have become increasingly liberal and eerily the same.  The two party system has divided us and has all of us fighting amongst ourselves while our country continues to slide morally and financially.

    I am tired of compromising my beliefs, looking hypocritical for supporting candidates that are opposite of my views and tired of being used just to help someone win an election while they forget their promises. I know I am not alone with these sentiments and finding myself on the outside looking in. At the 2012 election night party for Lake County Republicans I spoke with a minister and he said Carey we (Christians) are barely tolerated in the party.  

 Christian, Conservative, Tea Party, and ALL Patriots simply put we are not welcome in the GOP.  We are there to get Republicans elected and that’s all. 

  So my decision is this; I have resigned completely from the Republican Party and have been nominated Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party of Ohio.  

 The Constitution Party was the only party who had a presidential candidate in 2012 that embraced true American values that we are trying hard to hold on to or restore.  It is for these reasons amongst others why after much study and personal conviction that led me to resign and choose the Constitution Party as the party to be involved with.
  There is much work to be done to further the Constitution Party so I write this not to convince you but for you to give deep consideration to joining.  If interested in getting involved or wanting to know more please contact me at your convenience.
Chairman Lake County Constitution Party of Ohio
                     Carey Masci
The Constitution Party - a party I don’t have to apologize for supporting or say I voted for the lesser of evils.

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