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Ohio voters rights being squelched by Republicans. Ohio Republicans Vote to Rig 2014

Friends, these are various emails I received concerning Sb 193.  I wrote something about it and will forward to you once I hear from the News Herald who may print it. 

Should we call in the Afghans to make sure they watch our election process and it is fair?

This outrageous -- but with the easily rigged, secret computer counts, no 3rd party candidate will ever achieve 5% -- not in the published computer count.
I feel sure Robert Owen got 5% in 2010 -- but the published computer count did not show that.
On election day, no citizen is allowed to see or count any ballot after he or she slips their ballot into the ATM like machine that eats the ballot and insultingly flashes the screen: "Your ballot has been counted.' HA! HA! HA!
It is incredible that a small group of agents of the FED and Goldman-Sachs (and related international banks) can get away with these illegal, unconstitutional (violating two standing Supreme Court decisions forbidding secret counts) elections, and almost no one brings it up or objects. The Constitution Party national Platform has always had it right since 1992. Paper ballots, kept in public view all during the election day, counted by citizens from that precinct at closing time in full public view, with the results posted on the wall at the polling place before the ballots are taken from the neighborhood polling place to go downtown.
And then, each campaign, or a coalition of campaigns, should post the results in their area (such as a congressional district, or city) on a separate website to make sure the boys at county election headquarters, or state election headquarter, don't falsify the results. This was what was done to Pat Buchanan in the Iowa Caucus of 1996 (see "A House without Doors" linked on the home page at and Ron Paul in 2012 in the Iowa Caucus. See -- There's more to the Iowa 2012 story, but too long to go into here.
Many articles on this are linked on the right hand column of the home page at
Jim Condit Jr.

PS -- Except for 2010 -- I was unaware that there was a Constitution Party primary on the ballot at the spring primary. Was this true in 2012?
Ohio Republicans Vote to Rig 2014 Elections in Their Favor with Passage of SB 193

Ohio Citizens PAC
4682 State Route 43
Kent, OH 44240

Contact: Tom Zawistowski, President


AKRON, OH – Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, accused the Ohio Republican “Party” of using the legislative process to gain personal political advantage in the 2014 elections. Zawistowski, expressed his outrage in saying “By not exempting current third parties from SB 193 until after next year’s elections, the Republican controlled legislature essentially admitted that they were only changing the rules at this time because they wanted to stop third parties from taking votes away from Governor Kasich and themselves in 2014. They wanted to rig the elections for their own personal benefit and they did. Even Auditor Dave Yost was pushing for the bill to avoid competition from conservatives. It’s that simple and it is that disgusting. They simply do not want competition because they would lose if they ever had to compete in a fair environment like the common citizen has to do at work every day. The citizens of Ohio clearly deserve much better representation. We are thankful that the Libertarian and Green parties are prepared to take this to federal court and we will do everything in our power to support their efforts. We will also pledge to work with them and other parties to make sure that the citizens of Ohio have ballot choices next year that are superior to this Governor and the legislators who voted for this self serving bill.”

M. Russell Erwin
Candidate for Congress
Constitution Party

SB193 has passed both houses and is expected to be signed by Kasich tonight.  However, I cannot confirm that it passed the house, nor can I confirm who voted for it and what the final bill looked like.

I know that it passed the Senate 22-11 with only one Republican voting against it (Bacon 3rd district Franklin county) and all Democrats voting against it.

Once we get the actual bill we can make a formal announcement of our plans.  Nonetheless, I would encourage everyone to get this out and let their contacts know that our voices have been KILLED today and it was the Republicans that did it.  The Republicans essentially stifled all opposition at the ballot box today and we should be MAD.  We need to contact every talk show that we can and make statements that the Republicans are so afraid of losing power that they made it literally impossible for anyone but the Democrats and Republicans to maintain ballot access.

This cannot stand.

It needs to get out.

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