Thursday, December 05, 2013

browns humor plus two

In case you missed it, it was announced the Browns are officially eliminated from the play offs.  Oh, I’m not talking about just this year but the next 5.

Football returned to Cleveland in 1999.  Now fans are waiting for the team to show up.

Browns coach Chudzinski is advising quarterback Weeden to spend time at UPS this Christmas season so he can see how they handle the rush and deliver on time.

What does Obamacare and the Browns have in common?  Both should be up and running by 2025.

I still think the Browns should sign Tebow.  Even if we don’t win with him at least we’d have a prayer.

A new episode of the show Survivor will have the cast dressed and ready to play as a quarterback for the Browns.  The one who survives two straight games wins. 

Well friends my prediction at the start of the season is looking pretty good right now.  I said at the beginning that the Browns would have more quarterbacks than wins.  So far 5 quarterbacks vs. 4 wins.

Now onto other things….

All this hubbub over people shopping on Thanksgiving.  I actually think it’s wonderful that people think so much of their family that they leave their family gathering so they can go buy family members a gift, of course at a far cheaper price. 

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker would still be alive today if he was a walker.

Carey Masci

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